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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPvoxu2TG1U That synth is so trance despite the kick being a bit hard

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Gagi & MaickelJ - Prisoner Of Past (Remixes) [THREAD | BEATPORT]

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  • 23:57 PM - Gagi mentioned jetflag in post Aerium - Dolphins (2006)
    ...too unnatural. A version without it would've been perfect in my book. Serenade remix is a bit more serious work, but it lacks that something the original has. I'd love to hear more of this from you jetflag, if you've had similar stuff feel free to forward it to me. If you ever plan on going back to your roots, so to speak, just know you'll make a lifelong fan. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOzPpB...



  • 12:46 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Gagi in post Tillmann Uhrmacher Feat. Peter Ries - Bassfly (1999/2000)
    ...i remix is...beautiful! Its something with how that main-synth cuts through the other elements. Its not louder but it has a really cool effect on it. You would never hear that today. Maybe @point @Gagi @Voci or @Magdelayna can get into the technical part of the synths/pads/effects used in this. Of the mogwai remix that is.


  • 20:55 PM - Hensmon mentioned Gagi in post The Exercise Thread
    @Gagi, here is my current routine... My goal is basically just to look ripped haha, so my regimen is purely for aesthetics so I do no strength training... Before each session I do a 10-12 minute ab sessio...
  • 19:04 PM - Gagi mentioned Hensmon in post Morning Routine
    ...ffee, my bowels will definitely move. Try squatting 100+ kg after coffee and an accident is bound to happen at some point if I don't make mud beforehand. Can't just leave the house without it. :D @Hensmon yours is boss - you have a few minutes more than I do in mine (15), but you achieve so much more, and that's especially impressive when you include the gym. Although training on an empty stomach is no...





  • 23:55 PM - Hensmon mentioned Gagi in post Rare tracks not found in the downloadstores
    @Gagi the process for last 4 years is to bulk purchase around 200+ tracks from a curated list I keep on my phone/computer, containing all of discoveries from all over the web i.e trancefix, youtube, beatpor...



  • 14:00 PM - Gagi mentioned enlusion in post The Digital Blonde - NEON 2 [JOOF Recordings]
    huh? it was diverse in its entirety anyway - its a 'concept' project from him - at least hes trying something different tan the 138 generic stuff that saturates the scene. Agree with enlusion, it was his sound, just with vintage synths on top. Same beats and bassline for almost 2 hours, with small variations. It gets tiresome in a single track, let alone in all of them. That's what I was a...


  • 19:23 PM - Voci mentioned Gagi in post Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Magnevi Remix)
    ...ime ago. But this one is very different. It's 140 BPM, tech-trancy. The main melody isn't even in it... Curious to see what you guys think :) https://soundcloud.com/magnevi/twisted-magnevi-remix Gagi jetflag
  • 16:10 PM - Rok mentioned Gagi in post The Exercise Thread
    @Gagi Glad you managed to overcome your injury problems. I know what an annoyance they can be. At the end of last year I injured my low back while deadlifting weight that I was completely comfortable with...



  • 11:42 AM - Gagi mentioned skyriderz in post Above & Beyond like never before
    ...tion, with a misleading title. As far as I can see, you've done this on at least 3 or more occasions. Read the forum rules, and the names of each section before you create another thread again. Mods? skyriderz


  • 22:20 PM - Gagi mentioned Daysleeper in post Gabriel & Dresden - Remedy (Artist Album) [Anjunabeats]
    ...y average and predictable. Keep On Holding is actually really nice though! A fun, well produced, well thought-out vocal track, and finally somewhat of an unique (or at least different) bassline (cc: Daysleeper). I kept cautiously listening on, expecting a noisy, sidechain-pad-rich/Anjuna climax to ruin the whole thing but it's perfect! Definitely one of my favourites this year.



  • 12:05 PM - gera mentioned Gagi in post Will Atkinson - Edge Of Forever [VII?]
    Gagi I just assumed based on what he said starting 34:10, doesn't seem that he figured out how to finish the track still:D
  • 11:13 AM - Gagi mentioned gera in post Will Atkinson - Edge Of Forever [VII?]
    ...now...baby steps. In 3 years we might even get an official promo! That said, I'm so happy that this actually has a chance of getting a release, and that at least it's getting played. What did he say gera?

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  • 10:27 AM - Gagi quoted Voci in post Activa - Midnight [Pure Trance]
    Never understand the praise around Activa. For me there's really nothing happening with this track. If a track doesn't bring energy, I think it should bring emotion. According to the promo text it's deep ...



  • 15:00 PM - Gagi quoted vampirul_18 in post Rare tracks not found in the downloadstores
    deep funk project - 2 heavy & dirty logic [flac] [zot12006] [2001] 2 Heavy - vinyl rip, there's no cd/web release so far... Dirty Logic - taken from "No Nonsense" compilation... Thanks! Yeah I think it was a vi...


  • 17:35 PM - Halon quoted Gagi in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    7 years younger but same. I think it's a bit too early for me anyways as my life is far from stable now (still studying, no job). Go get her! When are you done with your studies,? Im thinking of joining a...
  • 00:32 AM - Halon quoted Gagi in post Halon's: What was the last thing you ate/drank ? - Part 2
    There are no leftovers when I cook. Everything is eaten on the spot. If my brother can't finish his portion, I do it. :D I can give you a "recipe" though. It's very simple and really customizable to your ...


  • 22:35 PM - Halon quoted Gagi in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    Being an uncle probably changed me as well. Oftentimes, kids are chaotic, boring and stupid, but you enjoy being somebody they bore to death. It's like having a dog who can also speak. :D Hehe yeah. Thi...
  • 22:02 PM - Mistocaru quoted Gagi in post The Blizzard & Somna - Pegmatite [A State Of Trance]
    An ok track. That's exactly my thought....although in the beginning (2 years ago they released a sample of it) this had much more potential
  • 20:35 PM - Gagi quoted jetflag in post Morning Routine
    I then proceed to the kitchen and prepair the usual breakfast consiting of two boiled eggs, and what I call a "popeye smoothie". (Blend 250 grams of spinach half an avocado, a big banana and 500 ml of either ...
  • 20:31 PM - Gagi quoted Halon in post Halon's: What was the last thing you ate/drank ? - Part 2
    Sounds good. Can you ship the leftovers to me? :yes_new: I just had a beer. Now Im gonna have another one :D There are no leftovers when I cook. Everything is eaten on the spot. If my brother can't finish...
  • 20:29 PM - Daysleeper quoted Gagi in post How can trance be improved?
    I'd like to hear your examples of what do you think was fresh in the past couple of years. Just so I could get a clearer picture of what you're trying to say, and to maybe get to listen to some good tracks...
  • 20:04 PM - Halon quoted Gagi in post Halon's: What was the last thing you ate/drank ? - Part 2
    Fried turkey breast (chopped into small cubes), with onion, garlic and rice. All prepared in one pan. Simple but very filling, rich in protein, also tastes pretty decent due to garlic. Even got some left o...
  • 08:44 AM - Fredjan quoted Gagi in post How can trance be improved?
    Although when you think about it, you're really comparing it to the best of that time period, and it's really better than the most stuff nowadays, so... Man, what a complicated topic! Yes, it's unfair to ...





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