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    Hi, please vote, there's still some time till the vote is closed! http://top25.trancefix.nl/
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  • 11:12 AM - mrx.friend mentioned PeenutsDx in post Nuera - Never Forget [Magic Island Records]
    ...tch?v=gBRLMsQRWn0 Nuera is back on Magic Island after almost one decade! :love: @MKY661 @Gagi @Arnoud @aSeb @Daysleeper @DannyZero @Tievb21 @A.Brindiss @TheVision @MasterTuxx @Hensmon @Sleepy Robot @PeenutsDx @tep @stormshadow @Bensonw3x


  • 10:50 AM - Gagi mentioned PeenutsDx in post Aerium - Moon Waves [Old SQL Recordings]
    ...o simple a guitar melody for a proper balearic trance track, it needs to evolve, be better spaced out in the arrangement. Still fantastic though. The ambient mix is also very good. A proper release! PeenutsDx


  • 16:07 PM - mrx.friend mentioned PeenutsDx in post Lostly - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 4 (2019-05-23)
    ...elphionmusic @Energy @enlusion @erickUO @Fredjan @Gagi @gera @Halon @Hensmon @J4mie @K1aptcha @Katadunkass @Klaas @Lanto.Trance @laughster @Magdelayna @Marco1979 @MasterTuxx @Matt F. @MKY661 @munki34 PeenutsDx @PegaSus @Progrez @proxi @Red_Door S3baman @sashamlenik Seachy_001 @skyriderz @Sleepy Robot @Spider-Vice @tranceclassics @vastvision @Voci




  • 19:25 PM - Daysleeper mentioned PeenutsDx in post Sunset/Sunrise Trance
    What about another mood-based theme thread? Following in the footsteps of the theme-based topics made by @PeenutsDx :) What defines sunset trance for you? And on the opposite side, what defies sunrise trance?


  • 23:09 PM - Gagi mentioned PeenutsDx in post The Digital Blonde - NEON (Artist Album) (JOOF)
    ...et or an album, someone seems to know that and sends me a few videos that I just must watch. Chores nah, taking a walk nah, traveling nah... Nothing takes 2 hours. So I guess I'll just try yours and PeenutsDx's approach. Few tracks at a time. Will kill the flow but at least, if it's that good, it'll brighten more than just one day. :D



  • 02:57 AM - Altair mentioned PeenutsDx in post In Celebration of Trance 2.0
    ...ch?v=iKRc0PGhiIk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhLSmiDApKg https://soundcloud.com/bt/bt-and-arty-feat-nadia-ali And I can think of a bunch of other artists and examples. Yeah I'm really with @PeenutsDx on this. Trance, or any genre of music for that matter, thrives the most when it has enough flexibility of sound to keep a consistent identity, but also not take itself too seriously. 2.0 was (and in ...


  • 10:23 AM - Daysleeper mentioned PeenutsDx in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    2014 Trance. Whats 2014 trance? :) Im barely ok with people separating 2010 trance from now. And @PeenutsDx I have to say I dont think Supernal has reinvented too much. I think theres more reinvention in labels like zerothree,anjuna and statement and paralells. Uplifting is the same since forever. There is...



  • 13:20 PM - Gagi mentioned PeenutsDx in post Slam Duck - Edge Point EP [Deepersense Music]
    ...tiful. Can't wait to hear the full mix. Stuck With Myself reminds me of Coldharbour trance from '05 = amazing. Too bad this guy's releases are more or less unnoticed. They are just amazing. Hensmon PeenutsDx eddie t







  • 09:45 AM - Gagi mentioned PeenutsDx in post M.I.K.E. Push pres. Overtone - The Sun Rises [MPS]
    ...he main melody sounds like something you'd find in a trance tutorial somewhere on YouTube...or the one you make after watching your first tutorial. I certainly had a few similar ones. Agree with you PeenutsDx, though he had some great tracks in the past few years (Circa, for example). I did love Elements of Nature, though. One of the best 'weird' trance melodies. Love how they completely changed the rhythm...



  • 20:15 PM - Daysleeper mentioned PeenutsDx in post Stoneface & Terminal - North Cape [FSOE]
    ... distant? This time im not complaining on loud mastering :) I was just comparing it to Aalto's 5 and yep, its very distant sounding indeed. Like its played behind a big mountain wall or something. PeenutsDx Compare it to 5, there we have the bassline in the forground but actually the kick is still the most prominent thing in this tune.

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  • 10:53 AM - PeenutsDx quoted Gagi in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    I agree with all of you. We could do well to decrease the number of threads created, especially regarding upcoming releases. But - and hear me out on this - who would actually post new stuff here? We'd ha...
  • 10:46 AM - PeenutsDx quoted Hensmon in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    My suggestions would be similar to Peenuts in regards to sections we keep/remove, but I would include User Production Section too. We have some great and upcoming producers in this community and it would be g...
  • 08:16 AM - PeenutsDx quoted Fredjan in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    ^ A lot of people use Trancefix for the radio shows and live sets. Didn't know that. But speaking for myself I've never really clicked in there or felt the need to. I think most people use 1001tracklists for...




  • 16:31 PM - Fredjan quoted PeenutsDx in post Trance track of the Decade?
    Steroid trance is just a style like any other - it can be great when executed well, it's just unfortunate that most of the time it isnt. Similar to Anjuna pluck trance in 2010 and big supersaw trance in 2000, w...
  • 15:51 PM - PeenutsDx quoted Fredjan in post Trance track of the Decade?
    Maybe it's just me, but I automatically remove from consideration tracks that have both the steroid kick and the typical trance pluck. Not that I don't like them, but I just don't think they're original enoug...


  • 19:50 PM - Fredjan quoted PeenutsDx in post Trance track of the Decade?
    I've seen the track Numb The Pain being mentioned over forums/reddit a lot over these past few years, i didn't actually realise i've never listened to it until now. Honestly even after a few listens i don't fin...


  • 20:27 PM - Daysleeper quoted PeenutsDx in post Underwater/Tidal Wave trance!
    My personal favourite takeoff: This track pass me by tbh. Its good.Might lack a little in energy but I agree with you. Kaste is great. Water Ripples didnt deliver what I expected unfortunaly.




  • 20:00 PM - Fredjan quoted PeenutsDx in post How can trance be improved?
    The real problem is simply a lack of talent heading into the scene. Popularity of trance has been declining for years, and with fewer teenagers getting into the genre, naturally there is going to be a decline i...





  • 10:34 AM - jetflag quoted PeenutsDx in post The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra - Artist Album
    Some first impressions on the album. The trance tracks are pleasant enough on the whole without being particularly outstanding, somewhat suffering from being over-produced, with the bloated sub-bass and apparen...



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