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  • 02:24 AM - Altair mentioned rubez in post That Time BT Stole My Remix (by: Reuben Halsey)
    ...her was a super-fan who met BT at a concert, entered some weird relationship with him, got pregnant, and then they had a falling out that led to that. Kaia's a teenager now and BT's since remarried. rubez, you ever listened to his non-EDM stuff? I don't want to get into a flame war over your subjectivity, but listen to this and tell me he's a has-been. Production-wise, there are very few people on the ...



  • 15:30 PM - Daysleeper mentioned rubez in post Share your personal favourite well-mastered technically competent tracks.
    ...you've encountered that you find as clean as a babys butt. Preferably non-trance because that whats most intereting in my opinion, but trance is ok too ofc. @Gagi @Katadunkass @maickel @Frankster @rubez @Hensmon @Nangle @Halon @matrixmorpheus @Altair @badass @Marco1979 @Quethas @Sleepy Robot @freezer02 @Z Dobrej Woli @PegaSus @skyriderz @Rok @tep @Klaas @KrissO @Sszecret @Aoi @jeoblogb @N7pSTR @Fredj...



  • 15:07 PM - Marco1979 mentioned rubez in post Armin van Buuren - I Live For That Energy (#ASOT800 Anthem)
    This sounds like the best track ever if it was made 4 years ago I don't like this track, but the majority of modern productions lacks what the older stuff has. Like member rubez stated: there's a reason why everyone prefers the older stuff. the new stuff has close to zero character.


  • 14:36 PM - Gagi mentioned rubez in post Haylon ‎– Starfighter
    rubez And how could I forget, one of my favourite trance tracks of all time: Menno de Jong pres. Sayla - Majestic (Arizona vs Passiva Remix) Less favourites: Arizona vs Passiva - Halo Arizona - Labyrint...


  • 01:45 AM - Altair mentioned rubez in post Sexism within the trance-industry
    ... out that she's a trans woman - not that that has anything to do with it, but for the sake of a little bit of positive visibility (which is sorely lacking for trans women in Western Civilization). @rubez - read this. Not only have women always been great innovators themselves, but it seems they had a hand in creating one of the most significant inventions in the history of the human species - the comp...


  • 12:59 PM - asteski mentioned rubez in post House vs Trance
    @rubez @Hensmon Let me put it this way, modern/uplifting trance is set for specific emotion, hardly danceable (lack of decent groove or any groove in many tracks) as for house - it's a trippy journey, like ...


  • 18:07 PM - DylanGuedes mentioned rubez in post Artists that still create real trance
    ...have a different definition, but everyone agree that what they produce today is different than what they produced years ago, and isn't because of technology, they really are doing a different thing. rubez: well, idk man. I still listen to the mistique/silk/etc stuff that you probably know, but is not the same thing.

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  • 15:48 PM - Magdelayna quoted rubez in post The best Vocal Trance ever made IMHO.
    Sarah McLachlan - Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden 'Anti-Gravity' Remix) Definatly one of the best. More of my top ones : Desiderio - Starlight (Ferry Corsten Mix) Olive - Youre Not Alone (Oakenfold & Osbourne ...



  • 23:35 PM - Katadunkass quoted rubez in post Hybrid - Light of the Fearless [2018]
    GOAT producers. i have tons of hybrid club mixes, they were spectacular in their output. wide angle and morning sci-fi... two of the best electronic albums ever. They also made a near flawless compilation...
  • 22:43 PM - cyberpunk_val quoted rubez in post Nova - Welcome To The Future [1999]
    the cheese vocal/words. so fucking german...... love it!! great nostalgia. the humate remix is BANGING. I haven't heard this track before, but also makes me feel nostalgic about the old times. :)


  • 17:09 PM - Gagi quoted rubez in post Is there hope for trance in 2018?
    well there hasn't been anything to top it since it released to now... and the music situation is worse now than ever, and continues down a slippery slope. not necessarily saying the talent isn't there, bu...
  • 17:03 PM - Gagi quoted rubez in post Planisphere - O (Original Mix) [GREEN MARTIAN / BONZAI ]
    gotta listen to this when i get the chance... but are you saying its better than totem?! :huuh: It's different in style. Much more relaxed, the flow is better as well, it sounds much more natural since it ...
  • 16:30 PM - rubez quoted Hensmon in post Is there hope for trance in 2018?
    Why so sure. IF the genre continues to have appeal and bring on new generations of listeners then the opportunity is always there. Trance has already lasted 30+ years. You think in another 30+ years it will s...
  • 13:57 PM - Hensmon quoted rubez in post Is there hope for trance in 2018?
    and, unfortunately, there is no way there will be anything near this calibre... ever again Why so sure. IF the genre continues to have appeal and bring on new generations of listeners then the opportunity ...
  • 12:40 PM - rubez quoted Progrez in post Is there hope for trance in 2018?
    I would love to hear more tracks like these but I doubt I will YFjtjx4xb0w this is genuinely one of the greatest tracks of all time... it's actually PERFECT. and, unfortunately, there is no way there wil...
  • 12:26 PM - rubez quoted Voci in post The Story of 'Sandstorm' by Darude
    The 'slow' part in Feel The Beat is great. +1 not heard it in ages, gonna seek it out now :D





  • 17:51 PM - Thijs quoted rubez in post Sunny G
    this is what sounds like almost an amateur pirate radio station in glasgow. Going there next week for Activa vs. O'bir. How do I find them?


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