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  1. Ah ok lol well we would have been happy to if it was u, but unfortunately since it doesn't feature any of our active members can't, but feel free to go ahead and post it in the forums Sorry about that :/
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    No it's not, it's some american guy named David michael.
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    Is it possible to post this interview of Airwave in the front page? https://soundcloud.com/laurentairwav...m-presents-pdj
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    Just in case you didnt know this is avaliable to watch live
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Stop acting so small. You are the UNIVERSE in ecstatic motion!!!!!

At the end of time, a moment will come when just one man remains. Then the moment will pass. Man will be gone. There will be nothing to show that we were ever here... but stardust.


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  • 01:03 AM - Gagi mentioned missmimi in post Productions for Trancefix Music Channel
    ... badass Phael *Maickel* J2P asteski Altair Halon Ahura daShiva Phonix Brunoo lyteside (if you're here) Nangle Ataraxia J4mie DJ_Sagar_Ahire Katadunkass tope DNZY tep redhorse kliiment aaand of course missmimi and Sunshine for consent. :D



  • 00:02 AM - Katadunkass mentioned missmimi in post Short Term 12 [2013]
    ... is placed at Short Term 12. I seriously can't find anything truly negative to say about this movie, it is one of the most beautiful movies I've seen this year. 8.5/10 Maybe something for you, missmimi?







  • 13:09 PM - missmimi mentioned Nemezijus in post Tune for life??
    Nemezijus introduced me to new love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYiFroDFVwg&amp;index=3&amp;list=FLn4j1xYoG-x_1baTyTI45_A This is beautiful, powerful, emotive its simply unreal!!



  • 21:12 PM - missmimi mentioned Darren M in post Perasma - Swing (To/2) Harmony [2004]
    ...lar too but the Original mix has the magic that keeps me listening today :standard: Dreamy and uplifting, always puts me into a trance. Epic epic epic epicccccccccccccccccc, missmimi likes yo style Darren Mhmmm!! Def in my top forever fav tracks, I nagged solid in my bf's ear for forever to play this in one of his sets for me haha (he finally gave in with the constant puppydog eyes of cors) :dance::dance...
  • 19:07 PM - missmimi mentioned Hensmon in post Classics sub section
    @Sunshine, I am with Katadunkass atm not much I can add other than to say I think Hensmon has a great idea going there and would definitely go with something along those lines as @Darren has pointed out giving the classic a split section of its own may generate more interest and a higher l...
  • 18:41 PM - missmimi mentioned Sunshine in post Classics sub section
    @Sunshine, I am with Katadunkass atm not much I can add other than to say I think Hensmon has a great idea going there and would definitely go with something along those lines as @Darren has pointed out giving ...
  • 01:28 AM - Sunshine mentioned missmimi in post Classics sub section
    ... following this topic, and I'm unsure. I see pros and cons to both solutions. Voci has some valid points imo. I'd like to discuss this with the other mods as well chreddy Katadunkass PegaSus cheer_up missmimi Nemezijus NomadZXZ feel free to chip in :)


  • 20:14 PM - Katadunkass mentioned missmimi in post Trancefix Music Channel
    ... What do people think is the best idea: 1 Mix of 2 hours every month or 2 Mixes of 1 hour every second week? (One at the beginning of the month and one in the middle) N7pSTR, Gagi, Sunshine, Halon, missmimi, Nangle, DavidNeezy, DJ_Sagar_Ahire, Puppetmaster


  • 20:25 PM - Phael mentioned missmimi in post Funny pix - Part 4
    11079 a random idea that i had just now when seeing the likes of a post, horizontally it looked like a traffic light :D Sunshine missmimi PegaSus


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  • 21:42 PM - missmimi quoted erickUO in post Best of Youtube
    [video=youtube;5J3Jw2xdszQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J3Jw2xdszQ]movie[/URL] I am a big kid so this was freakin hilarious to me !!!!!!





  • 23:17 PM - missmimi quoted Nangle in post What are your favorite apps?
    "Hello, Apple, I'd like to report an individual please." :p image :bricks::ohnoes: :teehee:
  • 20:27 PM - Nangle quoted missmimi in post What are your favorite apps?
    My iphone is jailbroken so I tend to dl alot of apps (which alot of I never use) but my fav's would have to be KakaoTalk Cydia AppCake Skype Viber Sims Freeplay Mail Online Ebay Cookie Jam (Don't do it, just...
  • 19:50 PM - missmimi quoted Darren in post Picture Of The Day
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/40474225@N04/ That's an awesome talent to have, always wanted to learn more origami ( all I can do atm are stars lol )



  • 23:33 PM - badass quoted missmimi in post The 'Currently Listening' Thread! - Part 5
    Right now I am listening to this gem, thanks to @badass for reminding how much I forgot I loved this [video=youtube;IvnR3JwwKXs]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvnR3JwwKXs&amp;index=2&amp;list=FLn4j1xYoG-x_1...


  • 23:44 PM - missmimi quoted malka in post Tune for life??
    They still give me goosebumps, great memories attached to these tracks. [video=youtube;Tym6GxN7Hkg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tym6GxN7Hkg]movie[/URL] [video=youtube;PnnNHuSVczs]http://www.youtube.com/...


  • 06:08 AM - badass quoted missmimi in post Tune for life??
    So freakin good Shu :yes_new: love this track yeaaaaaaa boi!!!! right the break gives me the feeling of hope when i feel down and when i'm up well things just seem that much better... fact:one of the few tra...


  • 13:05 PM - missmimi quoted Nemezijus in post Tune for life??
    There is only one and only for me: [video=youtube;4g_MD-tJ4Fw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g_MD-tJ4Fw]movie[/URL] :wors::hi5: so much love!
  • 13:04 PM - missmimi quoted badass in post Tune for life??
    lost connection - velvet night (original mix) why? this track evokes many different emotions in and takes me back to some of the most memorable events in my life... i can listen to this shit for an eterni...


  • 09:21 AM - missmimi quoted Uplifted in post Tune for life??
    Some really great choices above!! Still magic hearing this. Really great if I'm feeling bad about something. [video=youtube;WpGIvmT842U]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpGIvmT842U]movie[/URL] That's a great c...


  • 08:58 AM - missmimi quoted N7pSTR in post Tune for life??
    My favorite trance track :) - [video=youtube;g9Npdfx7DNE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Npdfx7DNE]movie[/URL] TUNE!


  • 23:15 PM - acparma quoted missmimi in post Tune for life??
    We have tune of the day so what is your your tune for life, that one special track that you can listen to million times ad it still gives you chills, brings you to your knees and makes all the wrong in your li...

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