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Where is the music in todays "trance"?


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  • 13:21 PM - Hensmon mentioned Daysleeper in post Best Trance tracks of 2017
    Temple One - A Part of Us is one of the best tunes this year 100% @Daysleeper please put track titles above YT posts so when the videos get pulled from youtube I can still look back on this thread and know what the track was :icon_thumright:


  • 14:47 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Katadunkass in post Goa Thread
    ...m today? Artifact303? The problem to me is they all seem to focus too much on those really sharp 303 synths almost non-stop. Too much chaos for me. Where's the atmospheric goa ?? @Hensmon @HugoHak @Katadunkass
  • 14:42 PM - Daysleeper mentioned HugoHak in post Goa Thread
    ...mine Dream today? Artifact303? The problem to me is they all seem to focus too much on those really sharp 303 synths almost non-stop. Too much chaos for me. Where's the atmospheric goa ?? @Hensmon @HugoHak @Katadunkass


  • 13:24 PM - Hensmon mentioned Daysleeper in post Where do you buy your trance?
    Daysleeper I will agree with tranceclassics list and add two more personal ones. 6. Having a digital copy means I can upload to ipod/iphone and listen on the go without depending on internet connection or music...




  • 10:21 AM - Daysleeper mentioned Katadunkass in post Jan Gustafsson - Eternal Light [2004]
    ...d this song. Isn't that how it looks today anyways? There's no one in the 'proper' trance scene that thinks he will make money off of anything so just release whatever. Also, I think he called you Katadunkass ;) (he never answer on the phone when i try to call him)


  • 23:30 PM - Daybreakers mentioned Daysleeper in post Above & Beyond - 1001 [Anjunabeats]
    Nice! Thank you @ZDobrejWoli Z Dobrej Woli hopefully there will be an extended mix. And thanks Daysleeper I did what you said, double click a couple inches to the right of the title and it worked. Wow, talk about hidden, i would have never ever figured that out if someone didn't mention it, very obscure.



  • 11:19 AM - tep mentioned Daysleeper in post Are the tracks that got you into Trance still your all time favourites?
    ... trancy tracks that came out. Like Faithless first album is amazing to this day, Robert Miles same thing. I have very good memories of party tracks whenever i hear them. It is funny coincidence that Daysleeper posted that Rank 1 track. I have very clear memories of a dance festival here in Tallinn on a beach. That track was the last one played by the DJ and as it was summer event, it was more or less at the...



  • 20:06 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Hensmon in post Coffe!
    Damn out of Coffee! Its ok if its in the evening but what worse is when you're out of filters. I wonder if Hensmon drinks coffe? I think he drinks earl grey and chai tea ;)
  • 03:03 AM - SupaNoodles mentioned Daysleeper in post Wanted: Reviewers!
    Daysleeper ?




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  • 18:21 PM - Daysleeper quoted Hensmon in post Will basslines ever return?
    Gouryella - Gouryella is probably my all time favourite haha Fav bassline of all times? My very serious concern is when basslines will be the loudest part in the mix of peoples productions and the kick will...


  • 20:35 PM - Daysleeper quoted dreparhusip in post Trance is really coming back?
    Do you have any examples of tracks that lie to the terms I bolded? Curious to hear how they musically sound. Its just some highly non-serious terms I came up with, but at the same time sort of accurate to some e...

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