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About Aoi

Basic Information

About Aoi
Born in Germany (Munchen) and as a child in the 90's i discovered trance!
I used to be a big fun of Paul Van Dyk, Signum, (the good and old Ferry Corsten & Tiesto) and of course Armin van Buuren & Paul Oakenfold.
After i moved to Tokyo (at the age of 19) till now, I’m still listening to the true and only trance.
Also I’m a big fun of ASOT since the very begging (episode 5) and still continue to be, even now which recently some episodes are disappointing….
Trance, Italian Fashion, Dolce & Gabbana
Infrastructure server engineer
Fav DJS::
John Askew, AvB, Man With No Name, Simon Patterson, Adam White, Paul Oakenfold, JOC, Peetu S


Current Top 5!!!!
1. Simon Patterson - And Roll The Credits
2. M.I.K.E. Push - Amana
3. Blazer - Spark (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
4. Paul Oakenfold - Munich
5. Adam Ellis - Blomkamp 5


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  • 19:03 PM - S3baman mentioned Aoi in post John Askew - Recalibrate [VII]
    Aoi Longer preview available from 2:07:55 onwards https://soundcloud.com/djjohnaskew/john-askew-5hr-set-live-from-magic-niceto-230917


  • 01:29 AM - Aoi mentioned Magnus in post Magnus - Dream Machine
    a longer ver. has been played here. starts around 1:17:00 https://soundcloud.com/simonpatterson/simon-patterson-open-up-208 Love it!!!! very nice work again Magnus!!!:listen: and also Simon mentioned about the coming collab follow up to the absolute massive "Evoke "!!!! can't wait:standard:



  • 06:30 AM - Aoi mentioned Daysleeper in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    ...owed by others also. In my opinion, reivented? no need if you can work on the above 1,2 things ! I was interesting what do you think about this one if you will give it one more careful listen mate @Daysleeper?? more other recent good uplifting tunes for me are X_AsB3yLGiY or the Peetu S staff or the following remake that for me it leaves to every trance fun a big smile (Such a tune!!!) 6kAxgog2Bkg ...


  • 20:57 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Aoi in post Trance Classics - A Knockout Survival Game (1990-2000 Edition)
    ...eping @S3baman @point @allywheels @HugoHak @MasterTuxx @Pierre92 @Marco1979 @mrx.friend @Teardrop NL @chillseeker @tep @frankster @freezer02 @Sleepy Robot @Shatadru Sensharma @Altair @Klaas @proxi @Aoi @stormshadow @Addict-In-Trance @matrixmorpheus @Daybreakers @badass @deeii @skyriderz @PegaSus @Katadunkass @KrissO @NomadZXZ @rubez @Tranceformator
  • 20:57 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Aoi in post Trance Classics - A Knockout Survival Game (1990-2000 Edition)
    ...ping @S3baman @point @allywheels @HugoHak @MasterTuxx @Pierre92 @Marco1979 @mrx.friend @Teardrop NL @chillseeker @tep @franktster @freezer02 @Sleepy Robot @Shatadru Sensharma @Altair @Klaas @proxi @Aoi @stormshadow @Addict-In-Trance @matrixmorpheus @Daybreakers @badass @deeii @skyriderz @PegaSus @Katadunkass @KrissO @NomadZXZ @rubez @Tranceformator




  • 02:11 AM - Aoi mentioned S3baman in post Simon Patterson - Opulence [VII]
    ... the final ver. sounds fantastic!!! personally i think Simon Patterson has become one of the most stable artists in trance keeping the high quality on his every release during the last few years!! S3baman curious to hear your thoughts of the final results of this?


  • 07:20 AM - Aoi mentioned HugoHak in post Shinovi - Indian Summer [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
    HugoHak I agree with a part of your comment since Vini Vici have started been producing and focusing big room sounds like their recently "Fkd kids" & "Colors". If i think a little bit more, even " The Tribe"...


  • 10:51 AM - Aoi mentioned S3baman in post Gaia - Saint Vitus [Armada]
    Such a great tune!!! So many nostalgic feelings on this melody.... Really love this vibe! I probably agree with @S3baman best track on this year's ASOT compilation.


  • 08:41 AM - Aoi mentioned KrissO in post Aly & Fila ft. Karim Youssef - The Chronicles (FSOE 500 Anthem) [FSOE]
    So it will be the Anthem?! a little bit of surprise since it sounds more like an album tune either than a Anthem... At least it may be also included to the album? KrissO you were right on your first comment:clap: Hopefully the full studio ver. Will be premiered in of the next FSOE radio shows soon..




  • 06:20 AM - Aoi mentioned nominate in post Saad Ayub feat. Francesca Genco - Solitude [Abora Recordings]
    No surprise Future Favorite in ASOT 785!!! I'm just a sucker for these melody and vocals:music: i think it deserves nominate for this month! @nominate Saad Ayub feat. Francesca Genco - Solitude @mrx.friend yes agree, listening carefully again and again it reminds Serenity in the breakdown maybe this was the main reason t...


  • 02:17 AM - Aoi mentioned Seachy_001 in post Marmion - Schoneberg (Fonarev & Second Sine Remix) [PERFECTO FLUORO]
    Finally a longer ver. has been played by Bryan yesterday!!! @Seachy_001 36:19 - 39:31 https://soundcloud.com/bryankearney/bryan-kearney-kearnage-103 Sorry to repeat myself but what massive tune this is!!!!! I can't wait for the full ver.:love:
  • 01:55 AM - Aoi mentioned Hensmon in post A & Z - Noir [FSOE]
    The melody it is really nice and i like it !!! but i agree a little bit with Hensmon all the other parts of this tune have nothing special and as result this tune it is very similar with many other releases in the last few years...


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  • 07:42 AM - Aoi quoted Brunoo in post Armin van Buuren & ID - ID
    Actually it is not so bad as i expected before opening this thread... at least it is listenable and i quite like the breakdown but nothing more... Some said it could be gaia! PS. It doesn't sound like a G...
  • 01:58 AM - Aoi quoted S3baman in post John Askew - Recalibrate [VII]
    @Aoi Longer preview available from 2:07:55 onwards https://soundcloud.com/djjohnaskew/john-askew-5hr-set-live-from-magic-niceto-230917 Yep, that's where i listened to it! Thanks mate!!!


  • 07:06 AM - Aoi quoted A.Brindiss in post ID – Saluting Di Stefano (John Askew Mash Up)
    Really nice indeed. Any clue of the ID? The think that we can say for sure is that it uses elements of Alex Di Stefano productions but not sure for the other productions that has been included on this mashup... ...


  • 02:07 AM - Aoi quoted S3baman in post Blazer - Spark (Alex Di Stefano Remix) [VII]
    Top 3 trance producer, along side S&T and Will. Incredible that a man that is labelled as techno can create such brilliant melodies. He started mainly with techno and this the main reason that is labelled lik...






  • 02:18 AM - Aoi quoted Daysleeper in post NuNRG - Kosmosy
    Thought you like some more beefy trance ;) In most cases yes i do, but i also like this kind of trance when is good mate:standard: Stuff from Nu NRG, Gouryella etc like this one are timeless. this is not an ex...
  • 01:36 AM - Aoi quoted DannyZero in post The most missed producer in the trance scene
    Andrea Ribeca has a new solo single coming out soon on FSOE called 'Cyber Angel'. :) Yes i heard it and the melody is soo nice!! brings a little bit the memories from Nu NRG but still his work with Giuseppe as ...



  • 04:44 AM - DannyZero quoted Aoi in post The most missed producer in the trance scene
    Man With No Name (one my favorites of all time) Andea Ribeca Svenson/Gielen Raul Cremona (Svenson/Gielen and Andea Ribeca yes they did some live sets after soo many years but nothing of new productions ...


  • 18:55 PM - Daysleeper quoted Aoi in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    Regarding the Ferrys remix of Rank 1's Awakening is a timeless classic and I’m loving it but is this uplifting trance? Friendly speaking i just thought that higher bpm and tempo having the uplifting...
  • 09:46 AM - Aoi quoted Magdelayna in post Vimana - We Came (1999)
    Im pretty sure Ferry did most of the work on this one,as ever hehe. Tiesto was a good Trance DJ,but Ferry was the genius in the studio. Tiesto back in these days he had produced many good tunes but I believe the...
  • 02:58 AM - atragun91091 quoted Aoi in post W&W vs. Vini Vici - Chakra [Mainstage Music]
    Official preview here! https://soundcloud.com/vinivicimusic/ww-vs-vini-vici-chakra-sc-demo-mainstage-music-out-soon Might be the first mainstage music release I buy. Not the biggest fan of it, but it g...


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