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About AstralNilaya

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About AstralNilaya
Came to trance via Astral Projection in 2004 (-ish), took a bit of a break from 2010-2013, been my main music thing ever since. Also metal and dark ambient (actual ambient, not "downtempo" or whatever).
The pandours of the Autarch, the wilds of Beleriand, the wilderness of mirrors.


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  • 12:17 PM - AstralNilaya mentioned Spalgame in post Recommend me high quality Ambient tracks.
    Where to begin? Wheeere to begin? My thoughts exactly. My favorite albums of all time are pretty much all ambient albums, either for their entire runtime or the majority of it. Spalgame , In general, I think one needs to venture outside what most people would think of as “electronic music” in order to find the best ambient music. Found sounds and audio manipulation/sound design i...


  • 09:56 AM - Daysleeper mentioned AstralNilaya in post Human Blue - Dream Creator (2002)
    This style is long gone. Such a futuristic sound. Ironically more futuristic than any current trance. Have you heard this? Hensmon AstralNilaya HugoHak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wub8a8MuOT8&feature=youtu.be

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  • 15:08 PM - Voci quoted AstralNilaya in post What is this "steroid trance"?
    It's a term used to imply "modern trance with a loud kick." It's not a subgenre and has nothing to do with songwriting or arrangement, it's a production/mixing criticism that can be applied to basically any type o...


  • 21:02 PM - Fredjan quoted AstralNilaya in post Scary / Spooky Tracks
    Honestly it reminds me of the nightclub scenes in Blade more than the actual music in the movie. :rotfl: Haven't watched it, but the Pump Panel reconstruction of Confusion is so iconic. It's just like Blood is Pu...
  • 19:55 PM - AstralNilaya quoted Fredjan in post Scary / Spooky Tracks
    That Aborym track sounds simultaneously like a '90s documentary, a Russian rave party, and a cyberpunk nightclub Honestly it reminds me of the nightclub scenes in Blade more than the actual music in the movi...


  • 21:46 PM - Fredjan quoted AstralNilaya in post Covid-19 / Corona
    U.S. colleges and universities have gone fully online for the rest of this semester if they have the resources to do so. Students living in dorms were told to move out and return home. Some people got only 24 hrs ...


  • 16:10 PM - Hensmon quoted AstralNilaya in post Covid-19 / Corona
    At least the COVID memes are lit yo It goes to show the disparity between the media and social-media. The former is constant fear, showing endless videos of panic, chaos, meaningless stats. The latter, run by ave...






  • 05:08 AM - Fredjan quoted AstralNilaya in post Where trance and techno meet
    Apart from goa, it seems techno producers almost uniformly make the best trance these days. That's because *puts hipster glasses on* the genuinely best trance isn't coming from Black Hole or any of the mainstrea...




  • 04:30 AM - Magdelayna quoted AstralNilaya in post How can trance be improved?
    Songwriting and production: How about we just get rid of long breakdowns. It's dance music; keep the beat moving. Most breakdowns are mediocre anyway, and when you make them long on top of a 30-60 second intro ...


  • 04:55 AM - AstralNilaya quoted Gagi in post Rip-Off Thread
    Hmm. Didn't notice this lead melody in the original so I'll say Askew ripped it off. Mind you this was 2012, so that whole thing about taking melodies from old classics isn't anything new. But, since I li...


  • 19:13 PM - Red_Door quoted AstralNilaya in post Where trance and techno meet
    ^Ibon's doesn't merely just make trancey techno, he drops actual trance in his sets. He did a show in New York a few weeks ago that had some old Push tracks mixed in alongside techno. just checked his new mix,...


  • 11:36 AM - Contact quoted AstralNilaya in post Where trance and techno meet
    ^Incolumis can do no wrong in my mind. [video=youtube;leOhfh5pE00]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leOhfh5pE00]movie[/URL] A lot of the minimal/melodic techno stuff (Stephan Bodzin et al) can be seen as some so...


  • 11:26 AM - Contact quoted AstralNilaya in post The 'Currently Listening' Thread! - Part 9
    Sounds like noisy techno in the beginning, halfway through you realize this is what old trance sounded like. [video=youtube;nSeoJGWgV98]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSeoJGWgV98]movie[/URL] Speaking of old sch...


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