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it was clearly stated that this forum name is TranceFix, not TechnoFix or MinimalFix.
For the time being we accept only Trance, Progressive sets to be posted.

So please be reminded. We thank you for your considerations.

Allow me to shed some light on this comment.

This great website is a lucrative endeavor. From a marketing point of view, it is a good idea to have options for all of us who love this Forum so much. Here's the deal: To be named "TRANCEfix.nl" does not mean you cant share non trance music, as is for example, Apple Computers who sell MP3 player and Phones.

Is trickles down to this: This website specializes in Trance, this is its competitive aspect, this is its Unique Selling Proposition, once you get people to join, they find that there is plenty of other Electronic music in this forum to get their Fix.

Focus on trance as the strength, but give a bit more to you member who demand it. I for one, demand it. As a Electronic music lover, I enjoy many genres of this music, and as a Trancefix ancient member, I would appreciate a Non-Trance Live Sets section.

I hope this helps.