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Of course it depends on Dj, but it's almost impossibe to make 6 second transition on decks, which on Ableton I can make with finger in my butt. Quality of transitions are easy to differentiate as well, tempo is not always equally (unless you use master tempo, if yes, why even bother?) even from very good Dj. You can't say mixing on decks is equally easier and faster then on Ableton, because it's not.
Lol almost impossible? Even a monkey can have the tracks matched for 6 seconds. What takes skill is having 3-4 records that are originally at a different bpm and understanding which tracks are going offbeat and how (because it goes faster than the others or slower) when you learn to understand this your mixes can go slightly offbeat for a second or 2 but 99% of the time nobody in the crowd would notice the difference.