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Greetings Friend ..

I do not have time to go through your episodes so last week
I decided to download some to listen to your work ...

go for it I must say that the episode pleased me most was the 118

Tracks: Very good selection of items 9/10
Mix: All transitions were nice but I liked most was
8.Omnia & IRA - The Fusion (Original Mix)
9. Kyau & Albert - This Love (Original Mix)
you know Kyau & Albert are my favorite duo trance (ha ha ha) 10/10

Overall I really like this episode .. 9/10
Keep it haa friend and I invite you to listen my last work (I hope your comments)

http://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.p...-Edition)-2013 Hey hopefully someday we can do a set in collaboration ..
We keep in touch.
Denis Cortes ..
Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my mixes and leaving feedback. I will listen to your last mix and comment it. With respect to the collaboration, I will be very pleased if it is done someday. You know, "Digital Dreams" is now completely related to House but I will restart my sets "Entrance to Trance" with a two hours mix show and you could take part in this with a special collaboration (special guest in the first or second hour) as well I could do the same with your show "Roots"