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Thread: Section rules - PLEASE READ ! [UPD: 2019-10-21]

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    Section rules - PLEASE READ ! [UPD: 2019-10-21]

    This section is meant for discussing trance releases only!*
    * Other EDM tracks made by producers who used to produce trance or still do must go here

    When starting a new thread please use this template for thread titles:
    a) Artist(s) – Title (Incl. Remix(es)*) [Label] (for singles)
    b) Artist – Title (Artist Album) [Label] (for artist albums)
    * Optional
    • Solarstone – Electronic Architecture 2 [Solaris]
    • Leon Bolier – Phantasma (Artist Album) [Streamlined]
    • Redstar - The Surface [Redforce]  
      Redstar - The Surface (Incl. Sundriver Remix) [Redforce]
    Required information when starting new threads:
    • artist name
    • either a track name or a label
    • Max Graham Feat. Jeza - Still There's You [TBA]
    • Max Graham Feat. Jeza - TBA [Re*Brand]

    • sample(s)*
    * threads about upcoming artist albums and compilations may be created even if samples are not available yet

    Do not add any personal remarks such as "hot!!!", "new fantastic track" etc. to titles.

    Add prefix 'OUT' to thread titles to distinguish released music from the rest of tracks that are yet to come out.

    Include as much information as possible. Please note that threads having incomplete information (i.e. not meeting the requirements listed above) will be deleted as they serve no value.
    Include only videos which can be embedded on the forum i.e. youtube & soundcloud videos so that members can listen the tracks on the forum. No other links should be posted i.e. facebook, instagram, beatport, junodownload, spotify, apple music, any other links etc as the samples are short and serve no value (except albums/compilation). Thread containing only the links without youtube/soundcloud videos will be deleted. Members can open the thread with Beatport/Junodownload/other store links on the release date of the track with or without YouTube/SoundCloud videos (incase the videos are not available on the release date).
    Also, it is your responsibility to take care of your threads and update the first post so it contains full release information. Users not following the above things might lose permission to create new threads.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    How to:
    1. embed samples?

    To embed a youtube video:

    • click icon and paste the link
    • you've got a link:
    if you're using [yt] tags, you need to use the part in red (the part that is between '=' and '&')


    To embed soundcloud player:

    • copy link from the address bar and paste it between [soundcloud] tags.


    Make sure there're no other tags in between 'video', 'yt' or 'soundcloud' tags.


    2. add prefix?
    To do that simply click
    Name:  edit.jpg
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    and then
    Name:  adv.jpg
Views: 1500
Size:  2.6 KB

    You'll see an option for choosing the prefix, so click 'OUT' and save changes.

    Name:  pref.jpg
Views: 2440
Size:  87.7 KB

    The result is:
    Name:  out.jpg
Views: 2488
Size:  17.3 KB

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