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Thread: Above and Beyond - Trance Around The World 423 (Gabriel and Dresden) 04-05-2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by FRAER_X View Post
    if you can see, I:
    - Do not post falsely links.
    - Do not start another thread if already thread is exist.
    - Do not post tracklisting again and again
    - Do not post and dont create topics before show ends

    I post only my own rips, do not steal link from other ppl.
    I Always check before posting exist topic (thread) or not.
    If the points don't apply to you FRAER_X disregard them please and keep up the good work. As for the quality issue we have here it looks like we'll need to address our rules and make some additions.

    If anybody is in doubt as to quality of recordings and needs to check them before upload let me recommend this tool here ->http://www.sonicvisualiser.org/

    It's free, open source and compatible over Linux, OS/X & Windows.

    Import your audio file, click layer, add spectrogram and select both audio channels. You'll then see the frequency range of your audio and can tell source quality.

    Quote Originally Posted by FRAER_X View Post
    Do nothing at all when the anyone else post the re-encoded SHIT (sry for this word). My all post are clean and do not contains advert (like akulenok666 is advert his site astateofsundays.net) Thznk you!
    Currently Voci hasn't got rules to apply in reference to re-encodes. I agree that it is undesirable to have quality misrepresented so I will discuss that with the team in reference to additions to the rules.

    As for advertisements on links, it's up to members to choose which they prefer, we're not responsible for outside sources.
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