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Thread: The FAP Appreciation Thread.

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    The FAP Appreciation Thread.

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    Yeah you know it, its time to give the best thing ever happend to the mankind it's deserved thread.

    º WHY?

    But you migth ask - "Why a fap thread when we got the sex thread?" - Then i got you a simple answer. WHO NEEDS SEX WHEN YOU CAN FAP!!

    º Origins: (from Know Your Meme)


    Fap (v., to fap) is internet slang for masturbation. While the initial usage of “fap” was strictly limited to describing male masturbation amongst bros, the term has since become synonymous with act of masturbation as whole, regardless of gender. Nevertheless, a female version of the slang exists as shliking.

    “Fap” is one of many onomatopoeic words often used in Manga to depict the specific sound of a character masturbating. While it’s difficult to trace back when and which manga was the first to use it, one of the earliest online transcriptions of the word “fap” can be found in the Sexy Losers webcomic.
    On April 28th 1999, “Hard” (the first nickname of the comic’s creator, “Clay”) published the third Sexy Losers strip entitled Video Girl Etchi 1[1]. As mentioned at the end of the work, it is a comic parody of one of the scenes from Video Girl Ai, a manga series by Masakazu Katsura, released between 1990 and 1993.

    In 2001, “fap” appeared again in another webcomic, Ghastly’s Comic[2].
    “Buck Cake” is to Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic what “Fap” is to Sexy Losers.
    Buck Cake, here, is a pun on the Japanese word “bukkake,” a sexual fetish.
    By 2002, Fap[3] as well as Fapping[4] appeared on Urban Dictionary. The earliest entry for fap was even the “Urban Word of the Day” in September 8th 2007.
    By 2003, the onomatopoeia was again defined as part of the General Mayhem FAQ thread[5]:
    What is “fapping?”
    The sound made while masturbating. Guys fap. Girls paf or “squish.”
    In the past decade, fap has become popular with porn sites, such as ImageFap created in 2006 and FileFap in 2008. There are over 450 Facebook page results. It has entries on Wikitionary[6] and the Online Slang Dictionary[7]. There is even a Should You Fap To It flowchart on Holy Taco.
    º What can i possibly post in this thread?

    1.- Fap histories.
    2.- Fap images.
    3.- Fap gif.
    4.- What you like to fap too.
    5.- New ways to fap.
    6.- Everything related to the fap.

    So bring on the FAPtusiasm guys/girls and dont forget...KEEP FAPING!!!

    Screw #TranceFamily, screw TrashBerlin, screw the heart hands, screw all the cheese music that shouldnt be attempting to the glory of Trance.

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