Hard Kick Building on Logic ,How u can make long kicks- PassiePassion


In this video i will show you how you can make your own hard style kicks. I did this same procedure to create a bunch of my own distorted kick kits. And now i do the same editing changes on my recorded kicks to create a useful kick. So you can even use a Goa kick to create an end result like this. First do these things on the Goa or Sean Tyas Uplifting trance kick. Save that result and then do it again on your result basic kick like i will do in this video.

And about the tail. You really don't need long kicks ,like i said you can create them by using short goa kicks. The impact part is the most important. The tail is easy to make with this trick and your plug ins as you'll see. Listen to Used and Abused-Party animals. Most love that kick still ,and if you listen well then you clearly hear that they used a Goa kick for the impact part of that kick. Long tails are more a problem then a good thing [Eks-9] ,because you don't want the tail to fall into the start of the impact part at the start of the next kick. So you only need the length of the part where the hi hat plays. And not all the way eighter cos then you dont hear the baseline ,which is in most cases producing the tail

In the tutor you will see and hear how the kick can stay long even if you change note heights. Thats a question producers have been asking for years on the net. So i thought it was time to show how i do that if i want to change notes on the kick while it does not have a long tail.

I use Logic to do this ,yes you see it right ,I'm still on the old PC version. But you can do the same things on your sequencer which ever one you use. I tried to get the audio as good as possible on the video. But WMM does make the avi and thus also the audio smaller. So could be better but then you wont get talk cos i merged that later on the video using wmm. First video by using screen capture ,so i am also learning a new thing with this project lol.

EnJoY ,Passie.