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Thread: actor Paul Walker died in car crash

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    Man dies, isn't that old, leaves a family devastated and it isn't his fault. People make jokes, seriously whats wrong with the world?
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    I get reminded of him on some days. Whether that's my avatar here, or a YouTube recommendation, or Instagram's Explore section, or a post from his team or his brother. To be honest, sometimes I just go and watch his interviews. He was always my favourite actor (because of F&F of course), but I never knew that much about him, because I was still relatively young. But now, he's sort of a role model. Apart from my grandma, he's the only other person I personally always feel sad for not living more.

    Man, he was such a charismatic, caring, passionate, sincere and down-to-earth guy like no one else. Besides donating a shit ton of money to his charity, he also donated his time and effort in helping the less fortunate. He didn't care about Hollywood at all, shown up to interviews bare footed numerous times; when he was filming in different locations, in his free time he went surfing, hiking etc; he went to visit movie crew members when they were sick without anyone knowing. And from all the interviews I've seen, I haven't heard a single bad thing about him - and most of them weren't postmortem.

    He was such a major influence on me in my teenage years. But after watching these things, now he's an even bigger inspiration to me. It's just his way of living. I mean, he loved so many different things, and he made sure to do the things he loved. From marine biology, helping people, semi-professional racing, owning a garage and manufacturing performance parts (with his friend who was the driver that killed them both), to hobbies such as surfing, martial arts, and his general love of nature and all around it. And a lot of the movies he did he truly wanted to do. Especially Running Scared, where he arguably gave his best performance. He cared about it so much that he wanted to give up his salary there just so that he could increase the budget for the film, because they needed some equipment but the board wouldn't give them money.

    His way of thinking and life inspires me as well. A true altruist, and always striving to bond with people he spent time with and make a lasting, positive impact in their lives. Always seemed to try and have fun first and foremost.

    There's also been a documentary about him, a really moving one.
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