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Thread: Release Dates of January 2014

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    Release Dates of January 2014

    Here you can find all the tracks that are to be released in January 2014. Please insert any additional release information if you have any!

    Updates = blue

    When released, the tracks can be purchased here:


    1st January
    Sygnus - A New Direction [TPT]
    Incl. Original Mix

    3rd January
    Ehsun - Totem [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Edu Padilla Mixes
    Seventh Meridian - Benefits Of Believing [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original, Cold Rush & Denis Sender Mixes

    5th January
    Arthur Volt - Broken Heart [TFB Records]
    Incl. Original, E.T Project & Mike Rodas Mixes

    6th January
    Aero 21 - Hedge Hopping [EDGE EDM Records]
    Incl. Original & Darren Porter Mixes
    Araya & Mark Dreamer - Zebra EP [Infrasonic Future]
    Incl. Zebra & Go On!
    Arisen Flame - War Of Angels/Orion [A State Of Trance]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    AYDA - Illusion [Beat Service Audio]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Cold Rush - Horizon [Digital Society Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Cryptic Air - Let the Games Begin EP [D.MAX Deep]
    Incl. Intricacy & Let the Games Begin
    Damian Wasse Feat. Irina Makosh - Under The Sky [Lange Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Dave Leyrock - High Stakes [#138]
    Incl. Original & Harmonic Rush Mixes
    Dim Line - Dual Universe/Min [Abora Chillout]
    Incl. Dual Universe (Ambient Re-Vision) & Min
    Estigma - Artemis [Trancendental Recordings]
    Incl. Original and Allen & Envy Mixes
    Gelardi & Thomas N - Solero [Infrasonic Progressive]
    Incl. Original & Santerna Mixes
    Holbrook & Skykeeper - Fire Walk With Me EP [In Sessions]
    Incl. Fire Walk With Me & Mistigris
    Jesper Olesen & Rich Triphonic - Reflective Love [D.MAX]
    Incl. Original, BluEye, Dreamy, Gattaga & James Williams Mixes
    Johan Vilborg - Mai Tai [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Juventa & Speed Limits - Xperience [Enhanced Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Manida - Elixir [AEZ Essentials]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Martian pres. Robots On Mars - Element 115 [Interstate Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Matt Fax - Barr Remixed [Colorize]
    Incl. Digitally Enhanced Intro & André Sobota Mixes
    Matt Harrison - Blow Out EP [D.MAX]
    Incl. Blow Out & Never Ending Story
    Megadrone - Meteor [Junkster]
    Incl. Original & Garry Heaney Mixes
    Nikolay Kempinskiy Feat. Love Dimension - An Ordinary Girl [Trance All-Stars Records]
    Incl. Original, Aimoon & Damian Wasse Mixes
    Robert Vadney - Ruin [Perfecto Fluoro]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Ruta & Three Faces - City Of Love [AEZ Essentials]
    Incl. Ruta, BluSkay, Seventh Meridian & Sunset Mixes
    Sandi Morreno - Awakening/Rise EP [Silent Shore Records]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Solis & Sean Truby Vs. Ultimate - Sunglider [Infrasonic Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Steve Sanders Feat. MK - Sunrise [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Dreamy Mixes
    Sunset Slave - Free Ride/Moments Of Forever [Silent Shore White]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Trilucid & Philthy Chit - Syntax [Saturate Audio]
    Incl. Original & Gai Barone Mixes
    Yuri Kane Feat. Sopheary - Obsession [Amsterdam Trance Records]
    Incl. Original Mix
    VA - Tritonia Chapter 001 Sampler 01 [Enhanced Recordings]
    Incl. Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg feat. Johnny Norberg - Two To One (Jaco Vocal Mix) & Tristan D & Tangle pres. Nu-State - Till The End (Original Mix)
    Woody van Eyden - Saripadanisa [Future Sound Of Egypt]
    Incl. Original, Dub & Bjorn Akesson Mixes

    7th January
    FloE - Impact EP [TFB Records]
    Incl. Hurricane, Impact & Rising Sun

    10th January
    Andrew Cash - Osgiliath [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Chemical Content 1 - Entheogen Therapy [Headroom Productions]
    Incl. Brain Scanning Machine, Drug Diary & Iboga State
    DJ T.H. & Steelocean - The Answer [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original, Denis Sender, Tuomas.L & Frank Dueffel Mixes
    SoundGate - Migration [Pulsar Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Jesper Olesen Mixes

    13th January
    Airdraw & Jo.E - Adhara [Colorize]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Allen Watts - Lifelines [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
    Incl. Original, Ico & UDM Mixes
    Allen & Envy - Forever Lost [Trance All-Stars Records]
    Incl. Original, George Kameleon, Stereo Wildlife & Ikerya Project Mixes
    Aurosonic feat. Nicol Cache - Tell Me Why [Suanda Music]
    Incl. Original & Dub Mixes
    Danny Young - The Shadow [Monster Digital]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight & Katty Heath - Stole The Sun [Adrian & Raz]
    Incl. Original and Allen & Envy Mixes
    DJ T.H. feat. Alisha Nauth - Make You Better [D.MAX]
    Incl. Original, Ledo and Mostfa & Mostfa Mixes
    Digital Basement - Ultravioleta [D.MAX]
    Incl. Tech & Uplifting Mixes
    Dreamy Feat Muhib Khan - Willpower [Entrance Music]
    Incl. Willpower & What did I Do
    Farid - Sungaze [Digital Society Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Geert Huinink & Mike van Fabio - The Kingdom [Abora Recordings]
    Incl. Original, Club, Intro & Orchestral Mixes
    Gerome - Mental Freedom [AEZ Essentials]
    Incl. Original, Mostfa & Mostfa and Sou Kanai Mixes
    Gordon Coutts - Tribal Wave [Fraction Records]
    Incl. Original & Vince Aoun Mixes
    Ilan Bluestone - Spheres [Anjunabeats]
    Incl. Original Mix
    LTN - Summer Place [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Luke Bond feat. Roxanne Emery - On Fire [GARUDA]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Lyctum & Spinney Lainey - Wake Up [EDGE EDM Records]
    Incl. Original & Harmonic Rush Mixes
    Marc Simz - Move On [High Contrast Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Marcel Kenenberg Vs. Another World - Heaven [Silent Shore Records]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Marwen - Unforgiven [Aria Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Matt Bowdidge - My Reflection [Mental Asylum]
    Incl. Original, Harmonic Rush & Johan Ekman Mixes
    Max Graham Vs. Maarten De Jong - Lekker [Re*Brand]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Tangle & Mateusz - Omega [Lange Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Tim Lighterz - Taliana [D.MAX Deep]
    Incl. Original & John Sunlight Mixes
    VA - Tritonia Chapter 001 Sampler 02 [Enhanced Recordings]
    Incl. Kevin Charm - Sydneysider (Original Mix) & APD & Johnny Norberg - Ride Of Your Life (Original Mix)
    Zahir - Remember Me [AEZ Essentials]
    Incl. Original & Hoyaa Mixes

    14th January
    Thomas Datt & Magnus - Binary Complex [Borderline Music]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Barzek - July [Sensual Bliss]
    Incl. Original, Sebastian Brushwood, Another Vision & Stephane Badey Mixes

    15th January
    Jens Jakob - Neptune EP [TFB Records]
    Incl. Neptune (Original & Stephane Badey Mixes) & Revolution (Original & Dark Air Mixes)

    16th January
    Marcprest - Micaela [Soul Waves Music]
    Incl. Original & Marcel Kenenberg Mixes
    Tecnomind & ZEUS - The Archangel [Linger Records]
    Incl. Original, Squarz Kamel, Crystalline & French Skies Mixes

    17th January
    Aeden - Voyage [Pulsar Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Farhad Mahdavi Mixes
    BluEye - Critical Distance [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original, Oiryal & Sunset Mixes
    Edu Padilla - Carrousel [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix

    18th January
    Hoyaa - Metropolis [Relay]
    Incl. Original, TrancEye, Gary Afterlife, Project Purity, Kinetica and Braiman & Shersick Mixes

    20th January
    Accendo - Jarratt [Infrasonic Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Alex Larichev - Witty Ghosts [Lange Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Anton Chernikov - Arctic Adventure [JOOF Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Timewave Mixes
    Anry - Serene Sky [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Arnej - The Burrow/This Isn't Goodbye [Black Hole Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Arys - Maybe
    [Trance All-Stars Records]
    Incl. Original, Maywave & Reiklavik Mixes
    Binary Finary vs. Iversoon & Alex Daf - Dark Side [Mondo Records]
    Incl. Original, Offshore Wind & Mino Safy Mixes
    Craig Connelly - Decibels [Garuda]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Curtis Young - Activation [D.MAX]
    Incl. Original, Jonathan Cavajal vs Autocinema & Reaky Mixes
    Dan Stone - Hermana [Always Alive Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    David Broaders & Attractive Deep Sound - Evening Falls [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Estiva & Justin Oh Ft. Abby Rae - Reach For The Sky
    [Enhanced Recordings]

    Incl. Original Mix
    Etasonic vs. Mystairium - Transcendental Observation [D.MAX]
    Incl. Original, Andre H, Mystairium & Sonicslide Mixes
    E.T Project - Shadows [AEZ Essentials]
    Incl. Original, Ehsun & Ula Mixes
    Eximinds - Phoenix/Telekinesis [A State Of Trance]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    First State feat. Relyk - Take The Fall [Black Hole Recordings]
    Incl. Extended Mix
    Hotlife - Smash [Black Hole Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Husman - 360 [6K Music]
    Incl. Original Mix
    James Rigby – Indigo Delta [Subculture]
    Incl. Original & Thomas Bronzwaer Mixes
    Jimmy Chou - Madison [INOV8]
    Incl. Original & NoMosk Mixes
    John Newall - Backbiter [Monster Digital]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Lence & Pluton - Save My Soul [Alter Ego Records]
    Incl. Original, Tangle and Araya & Mark Dreamer Mixes
    Leolife - Bosh! [Interstate Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Manuel Rocca - Revitalia [Levitated Music]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Mark Eteson - Come Alive [Monster Tunes]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Maywave - Flames [Alter Ego Progressive]
    Incl. Original & Dreamy Mixes
    Mostfa & Mostfa - Last Moment [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
    Incl. Original, Sunset & Peter O'ski Mixes
    Naian - Constellations [EAZ Essentials]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Paul Rigel - Hannover/Psalmus [Alter Ego Records]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    PAX - Carbon EP [D.MAX Deep]
    Incl. Carbon, Storm & Xenon
    Peter O'ski - Insomnia [Silent Shore Records]
    Incl. Original & Existence Mixes
    Photographer - Night Lights [WAO138?!]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Phyzix & Mehdi Massrali - Molecular Love/Grace [Aria Knights]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Sean Tyas & Darren Porter - Nova 7 [Tytanium Recordings]
    Incl. Alan Morris Mix
    T4L & Mariano Ballejos - Dubai [In Trance We Trust]
    Incl. Dubai & Alien Power
    VA - TFBDL Vol.1 [TFB Records]
    Incl. Elitist - Analog Frame, Jens Jakob - Bullet Cluster & Stephane Badey - G.Force

    23rd January
    Santi Project - Kriminals [TFB Records]
    Incl. Original, Ico & Ilya ViG Mixes

    24th January
    OBM Notion - Indescribable Feeling [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Oiryal Mixes
    Seventh Meridian - Soaring [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original and Naian & Malkoy Mixes

    27th January
    Andy Bianchini - Caribbean Dream [D.MAX]
    Incl. Original & Digital Basement Mixes
    Anske - On Both Sides [Edge EDM]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Arman Aydin - Miura [Sounds of Elysium]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Aurosonic & Frainbreeze feat. Katty Heath - All I Need [How Trance Works]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Azotti - The Miracle Remixed [Mondo Records]
    Incl. A.w.e.r.S & Kago Pengchi Mixes
    Bream & Jetique - Blaster [Cryon Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Chris Schweizer - Phoenix/The Secret [Captivating Records]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Cj Arthur - Place On Earth/Los Angeles EP [Silent Shore White]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Cold Rush - Eclipsed/No Return EP [AEZ Essentials]
    Incl. Original, Craft Integrated & Puma Scorz Mixes
    Daniel Kandi vs Markus Wilkinson - Cityscape [Always Alive Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Daniel Garrick - Upgrade [Enhanced Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Disfunktion & Chris Arnott - Right Now [Zouk Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Alana Aldea - Heal This Empty Heart [Black Hole]
    Incl. Original & John O'Callaghan Mixes
    Greg Downey - Vivid Intent [Global Code]
    Incl. Jordan Suckley Mix
    Grizli Man - Katya [AEZ Essentials]
    Incl. Original & Sunset Mixes
    Harry Square - True Story [Infrasonic Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Indecent Noise & Lostly - Lost In Noise [Mental Asylum]
    Incl. Original & Sebastian Brandt Mixes
    JimiJ - Contemporary [Colorize]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Jorn van Deynhoven - New Horizons (ASOT 650 Anthem) [A State Of Trance]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Kenson Tjinakiet - Solar Ray [Aria Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Kevin Brarda - Desert Terraces [Trancendental Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Hypaethrame Mixes
    KheDa - Terra [IAMPHOENIX]
    Incl. Original, Ray Violet & Pharazing Mixes
    Matt Chowski - Simply Magic/Holding Hope [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
    Incl. Simply Magic (Original, Avenger, Outer Space & E.T Project Mixes) & Holding Hope (Original, Emanuele Congeddu & Sunset Heat Mixes)
    Matt Lange - So Cliche [Electronic Elements]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Naeba - The Elements [D.MAX]
    Incl. Original, Danny Young & Simon Moon Mixes
    New World - Giver Of Life [Abora Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Nic Toms - Enhanced Dynamics [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Rafael Osmo & Denis Sender - Trapping [Fraction Records]
    Incl. Original Mix
    ReOrder - Gemini [Monster Digital]
    Incl. Adam Ellis Mix
    Souhail Semlali - Sublimity [Silver Waves Recordings]
    Incl. Original, BluSkay & E.T Project Mixes
    Speed Limits - Remember The Good Times [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Stevy Forello - Fondly [Alter Ego Progressive]
    Incl. Original, Somna & Chillout Mixes
    Sunset & Myk Bee - Summer Breeze [Blue Soho Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Manuel Rocca Mixes
    Svenson - Sunlight Theory [High Contrast Recordings]
    Incl. Richard Durand Mix
    Tom8 - Amplify/Hurricane [INOV8]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Touchstone & Tangle - Titan [Digital Society Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Venom One & Mastro feat. Mosko - I Will Rise [Black Hole Recordings]
    Incl. Extended, Somna, Amos & Steve Morley Mixes
    Vlad Varel - Miami [Tool Trance]
    Incl. Original & Aimoon Mixes
    Yahel - Dune [Perfecto Fluoro]
    Incl. Original, Neo Goa, Benjani & Active Limbic System Mixes

    30th January
    A.L.A.M.I - The Other Side [Linger Records]
    Incl. Original Mix

    31st January
    Arys - Playa Den Bossa/ Da Vinci [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original, Craft Integrated & Q'Bass Mixes
    KeyPlayer - Chapters [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original & Tom8 Mixes


    24th January
    ATB - Contact (Artist Album)[
    Kontor Records]
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