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Thread: Release Dates of January 2015

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    Release Dates of January 2015

    Here you can find all the tracks that are to be released in January 2015. Please insert any additional release information if you have any!

    Updates = blue

    When released, the tracks can be purchased here:


    5th January
    Acid Test - Lest We Forget [Monster Pure]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Aerium - Horizons [Touchstone]
    Incl. Original / Dan Stone / Solarstone / Phrakture Mixes
    Alex Daf pres. Soulu - Voyager [XPM]
    Incl. Original / Progressive Mixes
    Andy Elliass & ARCZI - Look At The Beautiful World [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
    Incl. Original / A&Z Mixes
    Changes - Spiritual Being [D.Max]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Cold Rush & Mhammed El Alami - Seshego [Always Alive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Daniel Skyver - Panic Stations Remixed [Grotesque Music]
    Incl. Chris Metcalfe Mix
    EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Menace / Unity [Macarize]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Frank Dueffel - Cryosphere [Critical Overload]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Harry & Stone Feat Merc - Rising High [D.Max]
    Incl. Original / Mark Eworth / Steve Morley Mixes
    Ice Upon Fire - Do It Yourself [E.T.T Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Jedmar / Matt Farmer Mixes
    Juventa - Kinetica EP [Enhanced]
    Incl. All And None / Torque / Woolloomooloo / Walking / SHWDWN
    Kaimo K. & Cold Rush and Katty Heath - Here I Am [Amsterdam Trance]
    Incl. Original Mix
    LTN feat. Arielle Maren - Let Me Go [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Oldfix - Mistery EP [D.Max Deep]
    Incl. Mistery / Sphere
    Radion6 - Year Of Transition [In Trance We Trust]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Reaky - History Repeating / Orgia De Primavera [Perfecto Fluoro]
    Incl. Original / Commercial Hippies Mixes
    Tangle - Sahara [Damaged]
    Incl. Original / A.R.D.I Mixes
    Tempo Giusto - Benzin [Lange]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Tom Rogers - Frozen [Monster Force]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Tommy Baynen & Radical Effect - Unison [Digital Society]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Universal Solution - Bandur EP [Anjunadeep]
    Incl. Bandur / Lost Code / Wukari

    6th January
    Steve Dekay & Emanuele Congeddu - Vertigo [Edge EDM]
    Incl. Original Mix

    7th January
    Dean Thomas - Intricacy [TFB Records]
    Incl. Original / Ula Mixes
    VA - Silk Anniversary Essentials [Silk Royal]

    9th January
    Armin van Buuren - Together (In A State Of Trance) [A State Of Trance]
    Incl. Original / Mark Sherry / Alexander Popov / David Gravell / Bryan Kearney / ReOrder & Standerwick / Faruk Sabanci Mixes
    Vast Vision & Hindsight - Sole Oriente [Future Sound of Egypt]
    Incl. Original Mix

    12th January
    A&S - Memories [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Kanski Mixes
    Arthur Volt - Power of Emotions [TFB Records]
    Incl. Original / French Skies / Neo Kekkonen Mixes
    Andy Tau - Mahayana [Monster Pure]
    Incl. Original / James Poulton Mixes
    Bass King, SMOLNIY & Marco Farouk - Hurricane [Black Hole Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Brooke Forman - Liberation
    [Black Hole]

    Incl. Original Mix
    Chris Voro & Bl1tz - Space Race [Blacked Out]
    Incl. Original / Magnus / MartOpetEr Mixes
    Denis Sender & Loz Bridge - All I Ever Wanted [Essentializm]
    Incl. Uplifting Mix
    Fast Distance - Naranja [Digital Society]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Husman - Exodus [Armada Captivating]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Kaspar Tasane - Exoplanet / Playa EP [Colorize]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Local Heroes - Hera EP [Mondo Records]
    Incl. Hera / Backdraft
    LTN's Arrival 02 Sampler: Destination Indonesia [Arrival]
    Make One - Syndrome [#Goldrush Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Marcin Przybylski - Across The Desert EP [Abora Chillout]
    Incl. Across The Desert / Desert Winds / Echoes Of Sahara
    Mark Sixma - Vendetta [Armind]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Mateusz - Dark Spirit Of Frankfort [Lange Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    N2O vs Cell X - Alive Remixed [Monster Force]
    Incl. Will Rees Mix
    Novaline & LaMoor - Tears Of Freedom [Blue Soho Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Pablo Artigas Mixes
    Philippe El Sisi & Abstract Vision Pres. Suncore feat. Sir Adrian - In Dreams I Fly [How Trance Works]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Speed Limits & Jaco feat. Joni Fatora - Palm Of Your Hand Remixed [Enhanced]
    Incl. Alex Klingle / Aerosoul / Thomas Hayes / Boxer & Forbes / Kago Pengchi / Ownglow Mixes
    Suncatcher - It's Too Late [Always Alive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Super8 & Tab with 7 Skies - Rubicon [Anjunabeats]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Tau - Mahayana [Monster Pure]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Tenishia & Susana - Never Let You Down Remixed [RNM]
    Incl. Cold Rush Mix
    Wrechiski - Haven [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix

    13th January
    Dan Sieg - A Sense Of Wonder / Horizons Remixed [Silk Digital]
    Incl. Sound Quelle / Blugazer Mixes
    Daniel Lesden & Mekka - Aurora [Borderline Music]
    Incl. Original Mix

    15th January
    Data Rebel - Life Lines [Silk Sofa]
    Incl. Original Mix

    16th January
    Alexandre Bergheau & Geert Huinink - Desert Wings [FSOE Excelsior]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Driftstorm - Hypnotic Skydive [TFB Records]
    Incl. Original/ UP3 / William P Mixes

    Omniks - Troia [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Altered States Mixes

    18th January
    You Are My Salvation - Vagabond EP [Old SQL]
    Incl. Original / Timewave / Andromedha / Ruffault Mixes

    19th January
    Abdelrahman Nabil - The Final Return [D.Max]
    Incl. Original / Fernando T.R. Mixes
    Above & Beyond - We Are All We Need (Album) [Anjunabeats]
    Aeden - Jamestown / Not A Pirate [Vital Soho]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Allen & Envy - Coherent [Damaged Records]
    Incl. Original / Johnny Yono Mixes
    Arkitech - Lumina [Monster Pure]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Ashworth - Rebound / Whatever Weather [Anjunadeep]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Craig Connelly & Cate Kanell - Shipwreck [A State Of Trance]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Danny Stubbs feat. Issa - Voices In The Dark [Rebooted]
    Incl. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker / Magnus Mixes
    David Rust - Sentient [Critical State]
    Incl. Original Mix
    DEI - Silver Tears [D.Max]
    Incl. Original / Hiroki Nagamine Mixes
    Denis Kenzo - L'Adore [How Trance Works]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Denis Sender - Liquid Dreams [Pulsar Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Ellez Ria Mixes
    Dimension - Like A Bird [Always Alive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Driftmoon - Rise Of The Phoenix [Driftmoon Audio]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Furkan Senol - Lost [AEZ Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Pablo Artigas Mixes
    Gurban Abbasli & Mel Amy - When Will U Return [Trance All-Stars Records]
    Incl. Original / Bilal el Aly / Gordon Coutts Mixes
    Invalyd feat. Jonny Rose - Canyon [Frost Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Rafael Frost Mixes
    John OO Fleming - Tik Tok [JOOF]
    Incl. pt 1 / pt 2
    Kinetica - Back To Earth [Tangled Audio]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Kinetica - Faye [Critical Uprising]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Kyau & Albert feat. Maria Nayler - Calming Rain [RNM]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Marc Simz - Submarine [Above All Records]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Mark Sherry & The Space Brothers - Let It Come [Outburst Records]
    Incl. Outburst / The Space Brothers Mixes
    Markus Schulz - Bayfront (Miami) [Coldharbour Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Matt Skyer - Another Time [Critical Overload]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Miroslav Vrlik - Side Effects [Monster Force]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Narayana - Telekinez [XPM]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Nicola Maddaloni - Ares Theme [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Cosmic Heaven / Vitaly Otto Mixes
    Ost & Meyer - Liqiuify [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Paris & Simo X Amersy - Eclipse [Armada Trice]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Simon O'Shine - Astral 19 [AudioResearch Music]
    Incl. Original / Intro Mixes
    Sneijder - #Acid [Subculture]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here Remixed [Pure Trance]
    Incl. Sean Tyas Mix
    Stan Arwell - Memories [Macarize]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Stendahl - Escape Artist [Silk Royal]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Talla & Ram Feat. Kim Kiona - Until The End [In Trance We Trust]
    Incl. Original Mix

    21st January
    Chicane - The Sum Of Its Parts (Album) [Armada]

    23rd January
    Matt Bowdidge - Second Sun [Future Sound of Egypt]
    Incl. Original Mix

    26th January
    Aeden - Virtuose [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
    Incl. Original / David Surok Mixes
    Ana Criado with Solis & Sean Truby - Break Away [How Trance Works]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Antony Waldhorn Feat. Michele C - Last Ones Standing [Driftmoon Audio]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Arisen Flame & Driftmoon - Live Your Dream [A State Of Trance]
    Incl. Original Mix
    BluSkay & KeyPlayer - Chasing Sunshine [Blue Soho Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Broning - Counting The Days [Infrasonic Pure]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Bryan Kearney pres. Karney - Say Nothing [Kearnage Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Alex Di Stefano Mixes
    Diversion - It Is What It Is / Gold [Colorize]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Divisional Phrase - Axel The Solid [Tangled Audio]
    Incl. Original Mix
    DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access Remixed [Perfecto Fluoro]
    Incl. John Askew Mix
    Estiva & The Spacies - Voices Remixed [Enhanced]
    Incl. Lash / Preon & Savid / Joorn Bold / Jeremus / Acoustic Mixes
    Fisherman & Hawkins - Skypunch [Coldharbour Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Gelardi - As The Morning Breaks / Beyond The Rift [Alter Ego]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Genix - Makoto [Always Alive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Giuseppe Ottaviani & Andrea Mazza - The Silence Of Time [Go On Air Recordings]
    Incl. On Air Mix
    Hazem Beltagui & Sue McLaren - Learn To Forgive [RNM]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Heatbeat - Berserker [Armada Captivating]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Icone - Life [Blue Soho Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Iversoon & Alex Daf - Catania [tool trance]
    Incl. Original / Funabashi Mixes
    Jaco feat. Alana Aldea - Wait For You [Enhanced Progressive]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Jordan Suckley - Medic [Damaged]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Lee Osborne - Stand & Deliver [Lange Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Lee Osborne & Allen Watts - Alcatraz [Monster Pure]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Manuel Rocca & Emily Richards - Love Sings Her Answer Remixed [Levitated Music]
    Incl. Estigma Mix
    Marnik, Lush & Simon - Orion [Armada Trice]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Mike Saint-Jules Feat. Molly Bancroft - Colour [In Trance We Trust]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Orbion - Penguin EP [Alter Ego Progressive]
    Incl. Penguin / Balloons / Fever 2008
    Pearson & Hirst - Mind Games [Digital Society]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Roman Messer feat. LJ Ayrten - Break The Ice [Suanda]
    Incl. Original / Denis Kenzo / Igor Dyachkov / Witness45 Mixes
    Scott Lowe & Liam Nicklin - Never Forget [Trance All-Stars Records]
    Incl. Original / Ellez Ria Mixes
    Shelley - Talk About Drums / Killa [Techburst Records]
    Incl. Original Mixes
    Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me Remixed [Armada]
    Incl. Lostly Mix
    Somna & Jennifer Rene - Hands [AVA Recordings]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Squarz Kamel - Just Me [Club Family Records]
    Incl. Original / Evan Glickson Mixes
    Suspect 44 Feat. Soar - I Feel It [Zerothree]
    Incl. Original Mix
    The Ashk One & Aynix - Autumn Dreams [Pulsar Recordings]
    Incl. Original / Miroslav Vrlik / UDM / Sowa Mixes
    Tony Hammer - Breakthrough [Sounds of Elysium]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Trilucid - Connected [Infrasonic]
    Incl. Original Mix
    UCast & George Kamelon - Jump [Who's Afraid of 138?!]
    Incl. Original Mix
    Ula - No More Alone [Full On 140 Records]
    Incl. Original / Cold Rush Mixes
    VA - Arrival 02 (Mixed by LTN & Probity) [Arrival]
    Wrechiski & Jason Ross - Atlas
    Incl. Original Mix

    27th January
    Dima Borisenko - If I Stay [TFB Records]
    Incl. Original / Flatlex Mixes
    Sound Quelle - Piece Of Cake / Dusk [Silk Digital]
    Incl. Dezza / B.O.N.G. Mixes
    Volmax - The Man, The Legend [TFB Records]
    Incl. Original / Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer Mixes

    29th January
    Zimpzon & Braak - North [Silk Sofa]
    Incl. Original Mix
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    albums :
    Chicane - The Sum Of Its Parts 21/01/2015
    Arrival 02 (Mixed by LTN & Probity) 26/01/2015
    Above & Beyond - We Are All We Need 19/01/2015

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    Russian Federation
    here you go man
    Arrival 02 already mentioned above

    7th January: Silk Royal pres. Anniversary Essentials [Silk Royal]
    12th January: LTN's Arrival 02 Sampler: Destination Indonesia [Arrival]
    13th January: Dan Sieg - A Sense Of Wonder / Horizons [Silk Digital] incl. Sound Quelle, Bluegazer remixes
    15th January: Data Rebel - Life Lines [Silk Sofa]
    19th January: Stendahl - Escape Artist [Silk Royal]
    26th January: LTN & Probity - Arrival 02: Destination Indonesia [Arrival] mix compilation
    27th January: Sound Quelle - Piece Of Cake / Dusk [Silk Digital] incl. Dezza, B.O.N.G. remixes
    29th January: Zimpzon & Braak - North [Silk Sofa]

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