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Thread: OverKill on Effects

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    OverKill on Effects

    Im really taken back by this.

    Ok my Production Unregistered Feelings had 4 effects on each instrument on the Mixer, Limiter, Compressor, Reverb2 and Parametric EQ. I used on the Master Soft Clipper too. For some of the instruments I used GrossBeat too.

    So what have I learned from my latest production.

    By just using Limiter and using the functions on that by playing around with it, I have not needed the other effects.

    Theres more Volumn in this production whereas the volumn in the previous was very squashed.

    Can too much effects on a production cause more harm to the end product. Is sometimes using less getting more?

    Have you noticed this when you make your tracks?
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    Yep, in general I don't use compressors and limiters on individual channels as it kills the dynamics too much. Sometimes I use a subtle compressor on the bassdrum, or I use the compressor on the bass and use it as a sidechain with the bassdrum as source.

    Usually I put some maximizing/limiting plugins on the master channel, but only very subtle (a couple of db's) as most of the mixing comes from the individual channels. Imho mastering is a little overrated nowadays.

    Each channel gets a good EQ treatment, which is one of the most important things in mixing for me. I basicly don't use delay or reverb on solo channels, only if they REALLY need it for the mix. For example my claps get reverb to create more room.

    For delays, I usually make one return track which causes that all individual connected channels have the same delay = same environment. Mostly this FX channel contains three or four FX units, eventually including a reverb to create some more room in the effect. But yeah, that really depends on the track that I write.
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