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Thread: Hi, everyone! Piotr 'Z Dobrej Woli', Poland!

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    Hi, everyone! Piotr 'Z Dobrej Woli', Poland!

    Hi, everyone / Witajcie!

    My name is Piotr Dobrowolski, I'm from Skoczów, southern part of Poland. I'm 23 now.

    My two biggest passions are music... and writing

    In the beginning of 2015, I had decided to connect them and created my own blog: http://zdobrejwoli.blog.pl. My own place, where I can write about my current favorite tracks and releases

    My favorite styles are: trance and progressive house... but I'm not closed for other styles. I think it's not about the names, styles, genres. It's all about music and feelings.

    I'm writing the reviews (more personal than professional... but I'm trying), articles for another sites and interviews. On my page, you can find my conversations with (chronologically):

    - Angelica S & Science Deal
    - cYsmix
    - Dimension
    - Nifra & Alexandre Bergheau
    - Styller & Basil O'Glue
    - Robin Brandes aka Rob Mayth
    - Aitra
    - Gai Barone
    - Moonbeam
    - Alex van ReeVe & Mike van Fabio
    - Tioan
    - Orkidea
    - Christian Blecha - Freigeist/Deepforces
    - Jonas Steur
    - Marcin Przybylski
    - Outer Pulse
    - Josh O'Nell
    - Alex Di Stefano
    - Nitro Fun
    - Jennifer Rene
    - Alex O'Rion
    - Andy Line
    - Juraj Klicka (Driftmoon) + Kim Kiona
    - Black Sunset Music (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
    - Kenji Sekiguchi & Nhato
    - Evgeny Lebedev
    - Ludo Ji + introduction from Vini Vici

    What's more, I'm really active on my two pages connected with blog: Facebook and Twitter.

    I'm making this all by my own And I'm really glad for my past, present... and future

    What am I expecting from Trancefix? The same thing you should expect from me

    Expect the unexpected!

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    Old Skool Trance FTW!!!

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