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Thread: 2nd Phase - Protocol (incl. Darmec Remix) [Techburst] [Techno]

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    2nd Phase - Protocol (incl. Darmec Remix) [Techburst] [Techno]

    Beatport: 14.11.2016 | Everywhere: 28.11.2016 | TBR026
    Download/Stream: https://techburst.choons.at/protocol

    2nd Phase are Techburst (and Outburst residents) and are some of the most versatile producers that we have on our roster. They're back with a follow up to their heavily supported 'Agenda 21' release. It's called 'Protocol' and is one of their toughest sounding releases to date.

    With an extremely powerful kickdrum and bassline partnership, the awesome sub bass rumble definitely dominates this track. Traditional sounding techno chord stabs and rolling vocal samples are cleverly scattered throughout to add groove. They are later complimented by a sinister detuned synth section in the main break that adds 'menace' to the overall feel.

    One of the undoubted leaders of the hard techno scene, Darmec, steps up for remix duties and yet again shows us why he has scored so many Beatport #1's. He puts his own stamp on the release and adds that Darmec touch that we all love. Techno releases don't come much bigger than this!
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