The contest is back on.

This season, Trance Podium is not our only rival. is also in on the action.

For those of you who have previously played this game on:

the name of the division ("League") is now:
Premier Trance Fix
and can be joined by clicking on "Leagues",
"Create and join new leagues",
"Join a league",
"Join private league",
before keying in this code:

Code to join this league: 692679-165363

If you played in this league, you will be automatically entered into the division as soon as you reactivate your account by selecting a new, 15-player squad.

If you're new to this contest, or even an online Fantasy Footie rookie at all, I'll give you some tips of my own shortly.

This is a wonderfully addictive and fun game to play, and will rekindle lost enthusiasm for a sport that has in many ways been ruined by the pursuit of material gain - at all costs...