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Thread: SoundLift & RedSound - Ishvara (pure Trance Recordings)

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    SoundLift & RedSound - Ishvara (pure Trance Recordings)

    Starts at approx 20 minutes: Coming soon on Pure Trance.

    Typical soundlift style and it's good to see the master of orchestral trance with a release on Pure Trance. Decent track.

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    9th July 2018 | pure.choons.at/ishvara | PURETRANCE118

    Definition: Ishvara is a concept in Hinduism, with a wide range of meanings that depend on the era and the school of Hinduism. In ancient texts of Indian philosophy, depending on the context, Ishvara can mean supreme soul, ruler, lord, king, queen or husband. In medieval era Hindu texts, depending on the school of Hinduism, Ishvara means God, Supreme Being, personal God, or special Self. Thanks Wikipedia for that definition, so we've established that the title has real meaning behind it, but what about the music? That can be summed up in fewer words; uplifting, euphoric melodic trance!
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