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Thread: Addictive Sounds: The Return (interview with Addictive Glance by Z Dobrej Woli)

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    Addictive Sounds: The Return (interview with Addictive Glance by Z Dobrej Woli)

    Addictive Sounds: The Return - interview with Addictive Glance ( @RandomUserName)

    His label, with many supports from Markus Schulz, Bobina, DJ Feel, Lange, etc. was one of the most growing brands on the progressive trance scene. One year ago he decided to close Addictive Sounds and quit from music industry. Today he is coming back with a brand new single!

    Meet Dimitry Bondarenko from Kharkiv, Ukraine - a producer, DJ, a co-founder and owner of Addictive Sounds label.

    1. How do you remind your childhood? Can you indicate at least a few things that gives you a feeling of nostalgy?

    Dimitry: It was a pretty typical childhood, I guess: I grew up in a small town in Kharkiv region, I've played football a lot, was into computer games, was listening to a lot of music and doing some other lame stuff (laugh). What makes me sort of nostalgic is usually going back there visiting my parents.

    2. Do you remember your first contact with electronic music as a listener?

    D: Yeah, it was the high school times when I discovered our local Radio NRJ Ukraine and KISS FM UKRAINE - those two radio stations were playing a lot of that stuff, for example I remember how I got goosebumps from Fonzerelli - „Moonlight Party” record.

    But the first close contact with a trance music happened about 11 years ago, it was some early 300th episodes of „A State Of Trance”, I remember how I liked each and every track from those shows, they seem kinda magical to me and I still have that feeling sometimes when I hear a really good track even though now I know how this music is made which kills a lot of mistery that was making trance so charming to me back then.

    3. Your first official releases appeared in 2011 and a track from your second EP was supported by Paul Oakenfold on his "DJ Box" compilation. Do you have any other favorite moment / support or feedback from your hitherto career?

    D: Well, yeah, there was such moment, it was early 2012, I was at the restaurant on a date with the girl who's been into trance music as well and my phone exploded from notifications, it appears that Markus Schulz played Poshout’s remix of my track „Stolen Memories” on a „Global DJ Broadcast” and later on the same show he also played Wellenrausch’s remix of „Sakura” so I was like: 'oh, Markus played my track.. ooh wait, another one as well' and she's got really impressed with that, haha.

    4. Addictive Sounds began its journey on 1st April 2013 (and it wasn't a joke ) with a first release titled "Solar Storm", which was a collaboration with label's co-founder - Trian. How do you remember these moments of AS' birth? Are you watching an Anton's current career and tracks (fe. for Vasilek Records)?

    D: Yep, I remember that we've started having thoughts of running own label late 2012, so then I started finding out what do we need for it and it appeared to be not so complicated luckily. Firstly we've been releasing our own music only with some cool remixes but later on we started receiving demos and that's how it all began to grow.

    What about Trian - of course, I am his biggest fan,haha. It actually was Anton who sent me those ASOT episodes that made me a trance lover, so we have quite some memories to
    share and we're always in touch with our new stuff in the making, he's got some big stuff coming, trust me!

    5. Do you like the way how Addictive Sounds developed in next years? Do you have an artist (maybe a few), whose presence on your label made you really proud of?

    D: I think we've made quite a progress within 4 years or so. That might sound too polite but it's true that I am proud of every artist who was a part of AS' family and what made me superproud are some tracks, not the artist names themselves, that stroke out, for example Markus Schulz is still playing Harry Square's „Dreamworld” in his sets. As of my personal producing journey, I am really proud of collab with Alex Stealthy - „Life After Life”, Alex's music from 2000s was out of this world and we share exactly the same kind of mood to our tracks so it was a pleasure to make and I am happy with the final product.

    6. It could be altough question but why you decided to quit from the music industry around one year ago?

    I've never spoken about it on public before and it's only my closest friends who knew the reason. I hate to say it but I've burned out after like two years of each day having some label related activity and it was taking more and more time as the label evolved and I had to manage with the other aspects of living. I've got diagnosed with depression that was sucking the energy out of me, there were days when I had no any will to communicate with anyone but I had to speak with dozens of artists and other people involved in the label and it was hard even though most of the people I've worked with are the nicest guys and I am happy to know them.

    But I was forcing myself more and more and I've started feeling like what I am doing isn't really my thing which I guess was a delusion. And so it was going until it reached it's peak and I've started considering closing the label, I was living with this idea for a couple of weeks and after all I decided to go with it. First it felt great to not bear this cross anymore and I had not a single thought about the comeback until late spring this month so it lasted almost a year. Now I feel a bit different but I wanna do thing more accurate and less fanatic this time.

    7. Now you're coming back with a new chapter of label's history and your own track - "The Darkest Times". Is the title related to the last year and last months? How did you beat the crysis? Was this composition a part of personal therapy for you? Or is it just an another single with no special meaning?

    D: Yes, 'The Darkest Times' is one of a rare tracks of mine that is having some special meaning to me and is not just 'another track i've made'. Despite leaving music industry for a while, I kept (and still am) struggling with depression and started finding it hard to keep myself motivated, it related not just to the music but pretty much everything about me, I've been trying to hide this, keep it all for myself but it was only making things worse so now I am trying to release the anxiety, to be more open about it even though I feel insecure about admitting such issues on public but this is the way I am now trying to get out of the dark state of mind.

    8. Could you tell us what can we expect from Addictive Sounds in upcoming months? Are you planning some returns of artists known from previous releases of AS?

    D: We definitely won't have 2 releases per week anytime soon haha Not much is planned at the moment, now I am trying to get back in touch with some of the artists that contribute in the label most. Luckily, I have some of them willing to release some new music on AS but this is as much as I can tell just now, keep watching on our socials, all the news are always there

    9. I also would like to ask you about your Fallen Skies alter ego. Was it something different to "Addictive Glance" name; if yes - how? Are you thinking about the return of this project, too?

    Oh well... What Fallen Skies meant to be was to push my AG's production to the new level but it didn't happened, those Fallen Skies track I released didn't go well so I've decided to get back with Addictive Glance and try not to improve my music by changing artist name but with more effort put in every new track. Thus I don't think there's a single reason you may possibly hear new Fallen Skies music.

    10. What do you like in music the most? Melodies, the beat, energy? Do you believe that music can share stories with listeners?

    D: It's hard to pick one but if I have to, it's the melodies - they are what is playing in our head after we heard and liked that track. I wouldn't call it a 'story' that music is sharing with its listeners but it's definitely the mood, the state of mind that you are getting stucked into and you might have own memories to relate with this exact mood, this is why some tracks are so special to us I guess.

    11. I would like to ask you to point out honestly your few advantages and disadvantages.

    I'm lazy, I'm a perfectionist (dangerous combination haha), I like to do what I do with all the passion I've got, otherwise I will struggle doing it and will probably give up as you see. That's both good and bad at the same time I believe because sometimes you have to overcome the circumstances and do stuff no matter what. I am a very empathic and generous person in private life even though sometimes I lack honesty and responsibility I think.. That's me.

    12. Can you recommend some less-known producers that you could recommend to our readers?

    I would rather recommend to discover some on your own. If you're into music a lot, find some time and go through Beatport, Soundcloud or Bandcamp or any other platform, there's amazing talents left unnoticed sometimes and maybe it's your atttention that will inspire these guys not to give up on music and keep pushing.

    13. At the end - do you have some wishes for yourself and your project in next months and 2019?

    D: Mainly, I hope not to disappoint the people I will work with. I am not planning to release much of my own music mostly because I don't produce often these days but regarding the other artists I will do my best to not make them regret dealing with me.

    Download “The Darkest Times” on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/the...-times/2355521

    Check all Dimitry’s and Addictve Sounds social pages:





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