This episode includes tracks from Paul van Dyk Feat. Plumb, Allure Feat. Julie Thompson, Dreamlife & Grande Piano, Whiteout & Sarah Lynn, Adam K & Soha Feat. HALIENE & Matthew Steeper, Michael Fearon Feat. Jennifer K, Air Project, Sergey Salekhov and many more with classic tune 13 from Haris C.

Adam K & Soha Feat. HALIENE & Matthew Steeper - Twilight Vs Breathe (Reality Test Extended Remix)
Daxson - Blackcard (Extended Mix)
Whiteout & Sarah Lynn - Stride Of Freedom (Extended Mix)
Aurora Night - Stormbreaker (Extended Mix)
Allure Feat. Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside (Roger Shah Remix)
Synthetic Fantasy - Liberation (Original Mix)
Air Project - Island In Paradise (Original Mix)
The Avains - Anticipation (Extended Mix)
Michael Fearon Feat. Jennifer K - Losing My Way (Jimmy Chou Remix)
Classic Tune:Haris C - 13 (Original Mix)
Paul van Dyk Feat. Plumb - Music Rescues Me (Pvd Club Mix)
Sergey Salekhov - Walk (Original Mix)
Courage - White Side (The Avains Remix)
Drival & Amy Kirkpatrick - No One Else (Extended Mix)
Dreamlife & Grande Piano - True Love (Original Mix)
Marcel Van Eyck - Illusion (Original Mix)
Accado - Remedy (Extended Mix)