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Thread: Kaveh Azizi - Traveller (incl. Daniel Kandi pres. The Timmus Project Remix) [Blue Soho]

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    Kaveh Azizi - Traveller (incl. Daniel Kandi pres. The Timmus Project Remix) [Blue Soho]

    Release date: 22nd October

    Pre-order / previews: http://classic.beatport.com/release/traveller/2409856

    Incredible, unsettled soundscapes from Sweden's Kaveh Azizi with a well-crafted journey : Traveller.

    Kaveh Azizi's debut comes from 10 years ago, a fine lesson in the art of trance music. Using an array of proper synths, composition, story-telling the Swedish producer connotes a kind of lucid dream state for mental transport, seemingly bringing the a voyage to indoors while coaxing out his trademark slinky bass warmth and drum sequence on his beauty, Traveller.

    To complete the package, Traveller gets a real treatment from one of the most distinctive monkier out there, none other than Daniel Kandi's The Timmus Project, portraying the Traveller with full breadth of dead strong rhythms and a captivating atmosphere. Kandi's The Timmus Project touch on Traveller genuinely constructed and based on a galvanized aura and melody, yet banging away on the dancefloor from the moment it abandons its build-up and unfolds the The Timmus Project bent with the solid interpretaton then leaves you well-tranced. Do not miss it! Enjoy, Soho Music / 2018

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    WOW! Unexpected. Never thought to see Kaveh's name on a trance release again.

    Edit, just saw its a 2009 track. Bummer!
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