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View Poll Results: Your favourite TV show

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  • Alcatraz

    42 19.53%
  • Pan Am

    40 18.60%
  • Dexter

    71 33.02%
  • The Big Bang Theory

    64 29.77%
  • House MD

    58 26.98%
  • Grey's Anatomy

    42 19.53%
  • Fringe

    52 24.19%
  • Homeland

    55 25.58%
  • Justified

    41 19.07%
  • Archer

    41 19.07%
  • Blue Bloods

    39 18.14%
  • Family Guy

    61 28.37%
  • Modern Family

    48 22.33%
  • Game of Thrones

    88 40.93%
  • How I Met Your Mother

    66 30.70%
  • Two and a Half Men

    59 27.44%
  • The Office

    48 22.33%
  • Walking Dead

    81 37.67%
  • Breaking Bad

    89 41.40%
  • American Horror Story

    48 22.33%
  • Blue Mountain State

    43 20.00%
  • Sons of Anarchy

    46 21.40%
  • Mad Men

    42 19.53%
  • Californication

    45 20.93%
  • Sherlock

    49 22.79%
  • Person of Interest

    50 23.26%
  • Revenge

    41 19.07%
  • Shameless (US & UK)

    45 20.93%
  • Spartacus

    55 25.58%
  • Skins

    41 19.07%
  • Community

    45 20.93%
  • Burn Notice

    41 19.07%
  • Oz

    45 20.93%
  • Co-Ed Confidential

    40 18.60%
  • South Park

    58 26.98%
  • New Girl

    43 20.00%
  • Southland

    40 18.60%
  • Suits

    48 22.33%
  • Making A Murderer

    2 0.93%
  • Narcos

    4 1.86%
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Thread: Which is your favorite TV show? With new poll! - Part 2

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    Game of Thones SPOILERS

    For me it is the worst episode of GoT ever made and has undermined the massive plots and complex stories that have been in the making for 6 seasons. Here we go...

    Battle was stunning. Loved the tension and just looked cool as fuck. Favourite bit was the single cam shots of John running frantically through Winterfell...great stuff. I actually enjoyed the ep, until the credits rolled and I gave it more than 2 mins of thought...

    Visual action 10/10 but then the writing just decimates all immersion for me. I'm sure you guys a familiar with the deux ex machina moments used in movies...for me this ep was filled with these. How many times we see Fat Sam covered with hordes only to be fine moments later. Happened with John after his dragon fall (who was in the end denied his epic battle with the ultimate enemy...why!?) and happened with countless overs. It's shit directing...or writing....I don't know which. It takes me out of it. The overall strategy written for both armies also was non-sensical to me too. Who lands a dragon in a horde? Why send dothraki into the field with no valayrian steel? Why does Bran warg into some crows (he is a useless hard-drive on wheels)?. Why did the army of the dead not pour over the meagre fire trench like when they swarm over 100's in the opening confrontation? I could go on... meh, small details I guess, but many of these spoil a little for me.

    Not a single main character killed. Remember how you felt when Ned died...Red wedding...John Killed...? These deaths meant something because it has huge implications and things unfinished. They played it 100% safe in what is meant to be the most brutal battle ever and killed essentially side characters who had completed their arcs. I didn't feel anything really at all. GoT used to be built on these moments... It's a massive cop-out.

    Finally the biggest insult of them all is the undoing and destruction of the complex stories and lore that has been growing for 6 seasons regarding the lord of light/saviour prince story. This has involved over 10+ characters right from season 1... Stanis, Davos, Ghendry, Beric, John, Eyeball Paul, Hound...even Syrio. Melisandra has been central to the massive prophecy of the Lightbearer Prince and it has driven huge moments and plots of every season... in this ep they completely put it in the blender. They boiled it all down to a meeting between Ayria and Mel who essentially has only to repeat the shit valor catchphrase in order for some inspirational moment with Ayria. We were meant to be surprised by her intervention (I wasn't it was obviously coming), but the oly thing that surprised me was how shit and easy it was for her to defeat the ultimate enemy whose been taunting us for seasons now.

    Abysmal ending. Lazy writing, even admitted in the 'making of' part of show after... "we thought Ayria would be great person to kill the NK".... so it's an afterthought based on feeling/episode impact and NOT on storytelling or what has come before. Fucking hell man...she slipped past the whole army of the dead and all the generals and stabs the fucker right in the sweet spot. Mental.

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