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Thread: Rape and shooting: a new fashion style?

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    Rape and shooting: a new fashion style?

    Unfortunately, mass media made the worst play about rape and shooting. Rape and shooting could be a new fashion style where people die and journalists find a new way in order to clickbait or make a big show for their audience. Nowadays, Rapes and shooting are the new tellings story and these are horrible things!
    Where is a real emotion about these terrible situations? Where are new solutions in order to fight these situations?

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    Yeah, honestly I feel the media is just adding fuel to the fire. Logically, as privately-owned companies, they want bigger profits, all while facing expansive and tough competition. So they race: Who'll have the biggest story, who'll show more, who'll say more, who'll be there first, who'll have the most clickbait title...

    But it is people who eventually read it. They know what we like the most, either by scientific studies about marketing, or raw data on which articles do best. They are playing into our emotions, and we as a species are specifically vulnerable when it comes to our own security, especially life and death situations. That makes us read. If nobody read, we wouldn't hear about it anymore. The mass media sees things like that.

    But troubled people don't. When they see it on the news, they see either the publicity that goes along with it, or they feel it's the best form of revenge on 'bad' people who drove them to this (because by then, everyone is bad but them, including lots of innocent people). They get ideas.

    Then, the kid who could've faced his problems, ran away from them or fought them because he didn't know nothing else, now knows what's the easiest way to get rid of that. Get a gun and shoot up the school.

    So also now the jealous ex-husband shoots up a club (where their ex-wife is) because he saw his ex-wife with a new boyfriend, whereas before he might've just gotten in a fight with the boyfriend or done something less preposterous. That's what happened here the last time there was a shooting.

    Of course, it's not the only reason nor does it account for every kid that ever shot up a school or anything, but it certainly has some correlation with it. Other things like gun accessibility definitely come into play here.

    Rape is another thing altogether, but as far as the mass media go, it's the same story there.
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