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Thread: Orjan Nilsen & Dennis Sheperd & Nifra & Estiva - Cabin Fever [In My Opinion]

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    Quote Originally Posted by driftmoonmusic View Post
    This is exactly the problem. Nicolle can produce and does produce.

    What started as a rumour more than 10 years ago is now considered what, a fact? Please before you make such horrible accusations try to understand the history of how the rumour actually started before perpetuating it yourself.

    You can tell me my music is shit and I won't fight you on that, music is subjective. However you seem to be spilling this 'hate' towards her for no reason. It helps absolutely no-one. Well maybe it does caress your ego a bit. I only wish more people would understand that rising tide lifts all boats.
    She is just filling the "female" spot on a male-dominated trance scene with the help of her gender. This is a fact. When you accept that you will understand why it's okay to make fun of Nifra and her "average" DJing and producing. Trying to protect your fellow countrymen is understandable though.

    If you really cared about being impartial, you would also criticize Sheperd here as he is trying to bash Vast Vision just because he "didn't make it" (i love this appeal to accomplishment fallacy, which is being used by trash people while arguing something. Hey Shepherd, we discuss about your track here dude. Not Vast Vision's career. ) but it seems you do not care about being fair/equal here. You just try to protect someone you probably know personally.
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