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Thread: Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella - Surga [Flashover Recordings]

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    This is just ok for me. The melody itself is quite special, although i can't say i like the progression that much. The bassline is pretty much non-existent as mentioned by most of you already. Out of the modern Gouryella tracks, Neba would be my top pick still. Now that track had an amazing bassline, especially during the non-climax sections where it basically functions as another melody. Producers now often pay too little attention to the bassline. It's not just there to fill up the low end, it ought to serve as a counterpart to the melody, an instrument that complements and interacts with the main riff.

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    I do like the track, despite the sort of lower quality feeling.

    Oh well, I guess that resembles the "good old times" where you downloaded a 128kbps version on Kazaa, and that was all there was.
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