12.07.2019 | Buy: pulsr.to/miyb | Listen: pulsr.to/miys | PULSAR295

Pulsar Recordings is proud to bring back one of its founding producers whose releases made a permanent stamp on our label in its early years. We're talking about Serbian producer M.E.D.O. who always delivers something amazing for our ears.

It has been a good six circles around the sun since he was last with us, but we hope to change that now with a newly reborn Pulsar, by having him featured on the label more frequently. We are also counting on your support, so whenever you can leave those comments of love and support to encourage them to keep creating more of these amazing works for us.

The track that we are presenting to you today is called "Into You" and can be described as a groovy, non pretentious, melodic work that keeps things in a beautiful balance from start to finish. It's sure to say that M.E.D.O. has left his magical touch once again.

Please welcome him back ��