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Thread: Rank 1 - Airwave (Spark & Shade vs Maglev Unofficial Bootleg)

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    Rank 1 - Airwave (Spark & Shade vs Maglev Unofficial Bootleg)

    We are working on a bootleg but it is alway risky to use such a legendary classic.

    So what do you think: Finish it?

    Listen on Soundcloud HERE

    Mod edit: tried to fix your soundcloud link. But I also can't make it work lol. Sorry.
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    Hmm. No, not finish it. Not for me at least. Or completely change it.

    You start with the famous soft synth. You re-created it, I think. Not bad. It sounds OK.
    I don't like the little pluck coming in at 0:15. It's too harsh. It doesn't go with the dreamy Airwave-synth in my opinion.

    Then suddenly, a big ugly harsh, loud crunchy synth comes in. It doesn't sound "big and phat" (which I would still dislike, but if you want this sound, a la Andrew Rayel, then it should be "big and phat"). Now it sounds pre-set-ish, plastic. I would just remove that whole thing. It also feels empty with that melody. Ta ......... ta ta ta.......... nothing happens. It doesn't excite. It's Airwave, it should excite right?

    Maybe it's because of the rhythm also. It's triplets. I think that removes all the energy that this track can have. Triplets can work, if the track is designed to be triplets. Like Armin - Minack. It gives it a trippy vibe. But you mix the triplets with that harsh synth. It sort of wants to be an EDM banger. But then on triplets. And with a soft trance synth in front of it. It seems like a weird mix to me.

    Keep having fun producing, and learning. But don't send this to like, labels. It's not good enough. Keep practising.

    Anyway, wrong section too. Moved to the section for Trancefix members productions ;-)
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