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Thread: Van Bellen - Let Me Take You (Orkidea Remix) [Pure Progressive]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepy Robot View Post
    In Inner Peace from his Taika album he also heavily samples The Matrix. Maybe there's no copyright on speech ?? Many producers use lines from movies in their productions.
    Oops, I meant Inner Peace and not Metaverse
    Got my trance breaks mixed up, heh..

    There's absolutely a copyright on speech, and especially movie quotes.

    My guess is that the movie/record companies never hear about these songs, since they are so marginal and unknown. And even the ones that hear, don't care since there's no money to be made from suing something that makes no money. It's still super illegal, and although I do appreciate Orkidea a lot, I think it's a bit unartistic/uncreative and to be honest kinda arrogant to use so much of other peoples stuff knowing how illegal it is, thinking that nobody will find out or whatever.
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