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Thread: The Digital Blonde - NEON 2 [JOOF Recordings]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdelayna View Post
    Well you could say that about 100's of other producers,who just stick to 138 uplifting
    I could say that, and I do. Regularly. That's even worse. But that doesn't change my opinion that Ricky could diversify a bit, while still having that synthwave theme as a sort of a 'narrative' for the album.
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    Ricky has been giving us a bit more variation ever since the 00.db project. I love Synthology, but that is the perfect example of an artist sticking to one style. All albums after at least play with the bpm, even if the baseline concepts is quite similar throughout.

    Either way, for me the main talent on display from Rickie is the pads, atmospheres, and melodies that he creates and I can accept a simplified, somewhat copy-pasted baseline when the other elements are that good!

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