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Thread: ASOT Broadcast Times & Streams incl. links

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    ASOT Broadcast Times & Streams incl. links

    When is ASOT broadcasted?
    Every thursday 20:00 Central European Time / 2PM US Eastern / 7PM UK. Thats 20:00 if youre in Holland

    Live (Click to listen)
    High-Speed MP3
    Windows Media 24k
    Windows Media 32k
    24k aacPlus

    FM streams (not live)
    * America: Indie 103.1 FM Southern California (international) http://www.indie1031.fm/listenlive.php
    * America: XM/Worldspace "The System" (satelite, Northern America)
    * Canada: The 246 Element Show Canada Chin 100.7FM Toronto & 97.9FM Ottawa
    * Cyprus: Energy 107.6 FM (south, greek)
    * Jordan: Play 99.6 FM (nationwde)
    * Netherlands: Fresh FM 95.6FM (nationwide)
    * Russia: Radio Record - 106.3FM (nationwide)
    * Luxembourg: WAKY 107FM (105.6 and 105.2 on Cable, nationwide)
    * Australia: Kiss FM 87.6FM (Melbourne
    * Dubai: Dubai 92 92.0FM (nationwide)
    * Lebanon: Mix FM 104.4FM (Beiroet, Mount Lebanon, the north, Saida)
    * Ukraine: Kiss FM, check the website www.kissfm.ua for your frequency (nationwide)
    * Switzerland: Rouge FM 106.5FM (French side of Switzerland)
    * Romania: Deea FM 92.1FM (nationwide)
    * UK: Kiss 100 - www.kiss100.com
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