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Thread: Section Rules--> Posting New GDJB Read!!!

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    Section Rules--> Posting New GDJB Read!!!

    When posting the new GDJB on Thursday:

    1) Your topic must have a WORKING DOWNLOAD LINK & A FULL/COMPLETE SET with a description of the quality (for example 256kbps). All other topics are deleted!

    2) Recording Quality Requirement should be 256kbps OR UP (if Possible)

    3) Opening a topic before or during broadcast is extremely prohibited. (the topic will be deleted & a warning/infraction will be issued)

    4) All later topics will be merged under the official topic which had already satisfied all requirements listed above. (Save infraction/warning points by avoiding double posts)

    5) Do NOT hide the links. We'd like to keep the livesets public.
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