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    LostLegend - Hardwired [90's style Trance] (21st Century Mix added 06/Dec/21!!)

    Damn, man... This is just great, really love it!
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    OUT John Askew - Escapism [VII]

    I love it! I love 99% of the stuff askew produces...
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    Remix competition?

    Let's wrap this up? I'm in, who else is? We could make a poll for the suggestions. :)
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    Remix competition?

    Yeah, count me in
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    OUT Denney - Kamikaze [Anjunadeep]

    Wow, this is so juicy... Has the old school vibe, not overly produced, mixed greatly. Hits in the right spot.
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    Simon Berry - Lark Descending [Platipus Recordings]

    Loving the remix, could fit a warmup set anytime
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    Peter Steele - Creation [PURE TRANCE]

    Wow, does it have a release date? Amazing
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    Are 138/140/Steroid/Generic Uplfiting styles the most popular sub-genre of Trance in the scene right now?

    I've been scrolling through beatport and some lists/charts sounds like one big samey track. No diversity or creativity at all! I love faster and harder sounds but it's become a hard task to find really good tracks... Most of them are just average.
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    EverLight - Light Speed (Album) [TBC]

    Loved all samples, can't wait for it
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    Three Drives - Sunset On Ibiza (Brno Bootleg)

    hahaha, it`s intentional :p
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    Three Drives - Sunset On Ibiza (Brno Bootleg)

    Hello everyone, it's me again... This time I'm bringing you an old progressive (125bpm) remake I made of this timeless classic Any feedback would be highly appreciated. ;)