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The standard function of posting a link should be enough because, many people that are at work should have the option to click a link with media instead of forced to hear media.
You simply the post the beatport track link, not the page link. This automatically creates the embedded player. It does not auto play and force anyone to hear it.

Also I showed you to rules about track thread format and asked you to update you existing thread, which you didnt do. You then posted another one also without the right format. Just have a look at all other threads at how they do it.
Past releases I have posted may have not been that great but, honestly as an artist for the last 15 years do not feel it is necessary to be posting or replying to a million topics. Originally I was told this is the "Best" forum to post new or upcoming releases. Finally, I didn't understand what you were talking about with embed media players and links.