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    Jorn van Deynhoven - Viva La Vida [A STATE OF TRANCE]

    Well, I agree that negativity (I mean, 'monsters'? really?) and being repetitive about this isn't contributing anything at all, but I don't think he should stop posting. He makes some valid points when he's completely neutral imo. I agree with @Gagi here , maybe we can balance it out? Personally...
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    OUT Farius - Wait [Enhanced Progressive]

    Farius never disappoints!! Very nice track, love the chord melody, the melodies that hover around with the strings and the lead and the vocal sample are very nice.
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    Tiësto pres. VER:WEST - 5 Seconds Before Sunrise (Hodel Bootleg) [FREE]

    Lol I'm almost sure it was only a joke, but now the entire thread name has been changed. Sky0cean was something of a joke project by Daniel Kandi. He did eventually produce a track together with Max Braiman, called Sky0cean
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    OUT Giuseppe Ottaviani - Classmate [GO Music]

    I'm enjoying the melodies. I really like the main lead melody and the counter pluck melody that comes after. Dex Machina Remix is very similar to the original, but the counter melody they're using adds a lot more than the one in the Original Mix imho
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    The Drum & Bass Thread

    This one's really enjoyable!
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    Will Atkinson - The Last Rave on Earth [VII]

    I really like the breakdown, the vox-thingy and the square-ish pluck give it a nice atmosphere. Not a big fan of the drop, but I think it's a good track overall
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    OUT Arksun & Hodel - Eternity [Flashover Trance]

    Enjoyable track!! Not the biggest fan of the sound design of the main melody's leads, but I'm liking this overall
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    OUT ilan Bluestone Feat. Gid Sedgwick - Paid For Love [Anjunabeats]

    Kind of a follow-up for Spheres, maybe? I'm always a fan of Ilan's productions, good track!
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    OUT Billy Gillies - Closed Eyes [FSOE]

    Big track from Billy! Really enjoying this one!
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    Miikka Leinonen - Drowner [REGENERATE (BLACK HOLE)]

    Liked! Great track Miikka, will be on the lookout for that video!
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    Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (S.H.O.K.K Remix) [2014]

    Shock:Force now goes by 'Asteroid' and releases Uplifting Trance :) I don't think he's related to S.H.O.K.K. tho
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    Melodic Progressive Trance

    Shingo Nakamura - Days Love this kind of music! A lot of gems in the OP
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    The Drum & Bass Thread

    This is my favorite liquid dnb track as of lately. Very melodic and atmospheric :)