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    OUT Macker - Lost In Space [Pure Progressive]

    Pretty nice, almost journey-like. The beats are good but could be improved, and then it'd be a fabulous track.
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    OUT Witness Of Wonder - Emotion In Motion (The Thrillseekers 2020 Vision Mix) [Adjusted Music]

    Gotta say I still prefer the 2004 mix. And who wouldn't, I'm sure even Steve himself was aware of this. But this isn't all that bad, still has some new stuff on there (such as those pads in the climax, which is a nice addition).
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    What podcasts are you listening to?

    Nope, he's really not. He's just a charismatic sociopath, as he himself says, and doesn't do the motivation BS. Just shares some useful skills and funny stories, nothing more than that, which I appreciate, seeing where he actually comes from.
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    What podcasts are you listening to?

    Glad I could be of help! Jocko looks like a badass (and he is), but his mind is more useful in other ways for me, especially regarding leadership and "tactics" in the workplace. I skip the motivation part, but he sure lives it. Be careful with that Unit 731 stuff, it's absolutely the lowest...
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    What podcasts are you listening to?

    I feel like the format allows all people to say what they think is true, and being so open-minded can be a bad thing, since there are some charismatic lunatics out there...and people will believe them. Also, a lot of the podcasts just seem like a platform for people to promote their books, just...
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    Katadunkass - Singularity

    Decent one. The last 30 minutes or so (probably more) were brilliant. Can't wait for the special one.
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Not sure, they are mostly paid ones, though I've heard good things about ExpressVPN. Myself, I'll probably just wait for MozillaVPN, which will be excellent but 5$/month, which isn't a lot.
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

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    Forum Updates

    28-11-2020 We now support Bandcamp embed links! While playing YouTube videos, you can click a button which will put a mini-player in the bottom right corner, which will allow you to scroll the page and watch the video at the same time. Also, every embed player is now properly aligned (to the...
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    Ambient Trance

    You just reminded me of a beauty I discovered recently. The entire album (Last Train To Lhasa) is phenomenal, worth a listen.
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    The Gaming Thread

    Got IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - Tobruk and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 Complete Edition. Always loved war planes and dogfights, but damn, controlling an airplane is tough. Played on easy with no damage and unlimited ammo, managed to bring down max. 5 planes in like 2 hours. You need some proper...
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    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    How about we discard the genre names completely? It is TRANCEfix after all, but "Upcoming Releases" would kinda mean you can share some other stuff in there, but being this is a trance forum, due to our userbase trance might still be the dominant genre, which works well for all. Here's why: If...
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    Ambient Trance

    Robert Leiner's Visions of the Past album is full of it. It's a bit darker but I'd say still ambient (trance). Here's my favourite: Here's the full album:
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    OUT Gordey Tskuanov - Remember The Past / The Clutch [Perfecto]

    I think Junkie XL reiterated something similar, himself and Hans Zimmer not working in fully sound-optimized/whatever rooms, because if you can make it amazing using a decent enough setup, it will sound even better in a perfect world. Could be wrong but then again, he doesn't make EDM anymore...
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    Robert Elster - Quarantine EP

    First Day and Outbreak for me, Circuit Sailor is also pretty good.