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    Energy 52 - Cafè Del Mar (Original Mix) (1993)

    I used to like the 3N1 mix, that Fleming mix is even better! Also liking the live orchestra version.
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    OUT Elysian - Water EP [Anjunabeats]

    Each one has their own distinct sound, I like all 3 as well! Beyond the Comfort Zone has got to be my favourite of them.
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    Perpetuous Dreamer - Dub.Wav (Dust.Wav Instrumental) (2002)

    I heard it for the first time on the ASOT Classics Vol. 3 comp, I've been loving it ever since! Though like Magdelayna, I prefer its vocal version.
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    Get the Last Post

    I'll find some other way. Just you watch.
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    Cygnus X - Superstring [1993]

    Rank 1's mix is beautiful indeed, another tune I have fond memories of. I also really like the padlike melody on the original, which is undoubtedly a stellar production in itself.
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    Mark Otten - Tranquility (2004)

    Truly beautiful, couldn't have wished for a better opening of the ASOT 2004 Comp!
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    VII Vol. 2

    Enjoyed the first compilation, and I'm curious about this one as well.
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    Get the Last Post

    I'm not sure I want to though...
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    Get the Last Post

    100% true. In fact, it even has its own rules:
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    Get the Last Post

    *Second to last.
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    Get the Last Post

    That is correct.
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    Vincent De Moor Presents Emerald ‎– Fly Away (2000)

    I like all 3 mixes actually, but I agree with the Sean Tyas mix being the best one of them.
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    Ridgewalkers ft. El - Find (Andy Moor Remix) [2004]

    Really liking this one. Both the original and Kyau and Albert mixes are very nice.
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    Akesson - Perfect Blue [2008]

    I have some very nice memories with the original, that one is definitely my favourite by him! The Solar Movement mix is also pretty great, although the hat is somewhat in the way.
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    Sonic Element - Tracing Paths [2014]

    Not too bad, though I have the feeling that it's missing something.