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    Airwave feat. Ludovic Meyer ‎– Batignolles Blues [2009]

    Subtara and Maori Levi mixes are sweet. Original also pretty damn nice too. Been a while since I played these.
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    Tastexperience - Time (Sunset Mix)

    lovely one isnt it
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    Dark theme or Light Theme - Which do you prefer?

    Sorry light theme fan boys but we will be killing it very soon. The recent and upcoming changes to the site makes it hard to maintain as everything must be duplicated and the white one is looking/feeling neglected. One day I might spend some time polishing up the light theme so it has same...
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    Art of Trance - A Time Before Time (Inc Remix) [Platipus Recordings]

    Really beautiful melodies. Rare for Simon to use the AoT alias nowadays. Was hoping for something a little more powerful/faster perhaps, as this style would still fit nicely when producing using his full name. Nice track though! Original Torsten Fassbender Remix
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    Kineta - UTE009 [Ute.Rec]

    Yeah the slower the pace gets on these releases the more I like em. Downtempo one is nice indeed, Scorpius probably second choice.
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    OUT Rigson - Digital Tears (Trance Mix) [Shoganai Records]

    Nice nostalgic vibes, cool find.
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    Omformer - Orbital/Molecular Contemplations [Sinesis]

    Orbital is pretty nice. Will def check out the hour mix too.
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    Kineta - UTE009 [Ute.Rec]

    Nice tracks. The artwork is just so sexy, really love it.
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    Commander Tom - Passed away - RIP

    Sad news. I found his music pretty young when I was into the harder trance styles and have a couple of vinyl lying around too. Will def be having a session for him this weekend in memory.
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    The Psybient / Psychill / Ambient Thread

    Some favorites of mine. Second one is particularly good. Rare to see psybient, ethnic and IDM arrangements come together so well. Been listening to this track for 15 years now and still enjoying it more and more. Nada - Earth Garden Shulman - Retroscape
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    OUT LostLegend - Unity (incl 'Magdelayana Chilled Remake' and 'Magnevi Remix') [LSTLGND]

    Nice work guys! Like all versions in different ways.
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    William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf [1993]

    Only discovered the original a few years back and I love it. Not heard these remixes, thanks for sharing!
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    What band or music artist you hate that everyone seem to love and why?

    I really liked the first Kasabian album when it first came out! Maybe I was 16 or 17. Dont listen to it at all now though or any of the other albums. Like this track below though, I remember the lyrics "music is my worldddddd" really resonating with me.
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    What's on your mind today?

    Damn, hope you are ok man.