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    The best Youtube/Music Channels and Bandcamp Labels out there you follow (any genre)?

    Progressive Classics, Trance Classics and 2trancentral from the ones already mentioned, and as for others: Oldschool Progressive / Psy-Trance / Goa Trance: dejanprogtrens DESTINATION GOA Oldschool Trance/Techno/Acid marcou909 AssortedTrance, Techno & Acid GERMSGEMS Just Oldschool Techno...
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    Kineta - Proto I/III [Blue Hour Music]

    New E.P. by Kineta, collab project of Austrian producer Alpha Tracks and Norwegian producer Oprofesionell. Forthcoming on vinyl and digital (bandcamp) on the 1st of May. Some of you might enjoy this one! Tracklist: A1 Aquila A2 Serpens B1 Hydra B2 Ursa Minor Bandcamp link: Proto I/III, by...
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    Mikkel Rev - TRANS007 [Translusid]

    Solid ambient that takes you through a spacey journey, and solid remixes. Gonna get to see Peachlyfe live on the 8th, lightly excited haha
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    Giuseppe Ottaviani & Dan Soleil - Hero [Black Hole]

    This track is so forgettable that I literally just listened to it and can't remember shit. It's like one of these generic royalty-free dance tracks used by commercials or twitch streamers.
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    OUT Oprofessionell - UTE008 [Ute]

    Been waiting for that third track about a year now, another vinyl snag for me 😊
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    hoplite dj sets (blend of 90s trance/goa/techno and recent underground trance/techno)

    Hey folks, been a while since I posted. Not the progressive/goa mix yet but I have a special little plan for that. It will come eventually :D But anyways, recorded a spontaneous little techno/psychedelic set before heading out to a mates house to celebrate his 29th birthday. Needed a moment to...
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    Hex Editor - BLUSH [GODDEZZ]

    Full preview of the Omformer Remix:
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    Slacker - Your Face (Schizoid) [1997]

    Those high pitched modified voices that first kick in around 2:22, so damn cool and distinct, and of course Slackers unique production style throughout, great tune.
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    X-Tracks - Plan '94 [1994]

    Damn what a great record this is.
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    Resistance D - Throm

    Yep, proper hall of fame material right here. Amazing tune, and what a great label
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    Trancefix Radio EP 006 - TranceFix 2021 Showcase - Mixed by Activa

    Great mix and gives a bit of solid hope for 2022.
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    Vintage Millenium - Vint-age EP [1997]

    Collaboration project between Pablo Gargano and Guido Cenciotti (this record is his only production credit on Discogs so I guess it was a one-off for the guy) The only record of theirs and the only Gargano record I have so far. The A-side has driving, but not overbearing acid going through it...
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    Classical/neoclassical music

    This one is really beautiful, the whole album really is
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    A Trance Hall of Fame, only 20 make the cut. Who makes it in? Who is the GOAT?

    In no particular order Pablo Gargano X-Dream (and all their side projects, especially The Delta) Human Blue Hallucinogen Raja Ram Airwave Art Of Trance Paul Van Dyk Blue Planet Corporation Resistance D M.I.K.E. Atmos Oliver Lieb Massimo Vivona Astral Projection Gary D. DJ Tiësto Cosmic Gate...
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    Your most loved and meaningful rock music tracks?

    Oh boy, kinda giddy to share. I'm mostly a psych rock / shoegaze person, but enjoy various forms of rock and metal. Here are some favorites: one from my fav band TBJM, that they sang in french I'd like to share more but don't want to spam too much hehe.