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    Art of Trance - A Time Before Time (Inc Remix) [Platipus Recordings]

    it works, kinda. Nice to see him putting out stuff under this alias again, not very impressed with the remix though.
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    Paul van Dyk with Aly & Fila - SHINE Ibiza Anthem 2022 [VANDIT]

    sorry, not beautiful and no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that. 🙏
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    What's on your mind today?

    Turing test failed afaic. Took me al but 3 seconds to recognize the difference between that responds and how a genuine human.
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    Trancefix Radio EP 007 - Cause & Effect - Mixed by Katadunkass

    Will listen tomorrow on my way to work
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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    Second episode. And well.. solid 7. Though a bit cliche at points...feels like star trek and very few "kurzman cringe" moments.
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    What's on your mind today?

    Like any significant and long lasting change.. bottom up is usually the way to go. Top down especially big gov top down with it's "very successful" history of central planning, has a lot lower succes rate
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    What's on your mind today?

    1 word: Good
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    What's on your mind today?

    Oh yeah it's an absolute travesty.. that situation however just doesn't have much to do with roe v Wade. Which for 50 years was defacto nothing but symbolic there seen the way the US is set up. For every "yes but the federal government.." argument in a court in Arkansas, the defense simply...
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    What's on your mind today?

    you should also immediately see what's right with that or at the very least a silver lining. Where the USA instead of the Republic of individual states it is now where Federal and State powers are clearly seperated, a single nationstate ala say.. Brazil or China under full "Republicofashist"...
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    Get the Last Post

    It's not the last. Of those two options:sneaky:
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    L-3P - Yhoran [SPT007 | [Space Trax]

    Axtron, lovely arps
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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    so: into the first episode of Star trek SNW. and my verdict is: meh.. Plus points: Anson mount steals the show as Pike, The episode format, toned down blue filter are a welcome change. it feels like Star trek, The pace is decent and not rushed, the world building is beautifull and there...
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    Post your OLD music!

    @LostLegend this one needs a mention:
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    What band or music artist you hate that everyone seem to love and why?

    heh..guilty 😁 I acknowledge they're great in terms of creativity/novelty though...I don't question the fact that they're at the very least musically talented. I just can't stand the vocalist and the way he sings.. I have the same thing with say: Stephen Molyneux. By all accounts most of his...
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