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    Your Top 5 Armin Van Buuren Tracks

    Here are my top 5: 1. Armin - Precious 2. Armin ft Airwave - Slipstream 3. Rising Star - Clear Blue Moon 4. Armin - Lost Soul Society 5. Major League - Wonder? (with Tiesto)
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    Julian Del Agranda - A New World [classic trance]

    Haha thank you. I read a lot, but not post much. Maybe I could write more on this forum. Also. I am working on a new track. But I also work with my job, so it will not be very soon :) :)
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    Julian Del Agranda - A New World [classic trance]

    Hola again, I have a new register now. Hensmon, you did not like my track and give me ban for it ;) But really, here i am again. I am happy and bit suprised many of you like it and write kind words. Thank you for this! Yes. For me the vocal makes the 90's feeling complete :) In modern trance...