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    OUT VA - Solarstone pres. Electronic Architecture 4 (Compilation) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Great, that is finally some Trance news I really look forward too. All Electronic Architecture compilations are a bliss to the ears.
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    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    I must say that I do have fond memories of Shivers which got me into trance as my friend was playing that with This World is Watching Me. However I would not consider it to be my number one (Asot) - track. From the bright side, Rank 1 - Airwave is only 15th :P. And Magdalyena, you were right...
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    What's on your mind today?

    Well go contact her and see if she is in for dinner or so :P.
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    Your top 5 Mike Dierickx tracks

    Time to listen to every track I do not know from him yet from this thread! Here is my top 5: Push - Strange World M.I.K.E. - Turn off the lights Extreme Trax - Don't Stop Sinead O'Connor - Troy (push remix) - I wish this track would be out on Spotify.. Solar Factor - Urban Shakedown
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    The Auranaut - People Want To Be Needed [1999]

    Got lost in the sentence there :P.
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    The Auranaut - People Want To Be Needed [1999]

    This song resembles the Tiësto's Revolution mix he made which was released just before Magik 7 and contained a very similar tracklist but an additional CD. Lovely record indeed!
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    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    Completely ridiculous list of course, but hey Armin's public is not solely aimed at Trance any more nowadays is it? Surprised to see that Chicane's saltwater is not included but Don't give up and One thousand suns is.
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    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    The bloodhound gang is great, I don't think they are guilty pleasures, this is quality music ;p. I am kind of a fan of Craig David. Craig David - Walking Away Craig David - 7 Days
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    Mental health

    Sounds like a horrid work place, your boss seems a dick and feels like you are right to leave the place. Your co-workers and your boss should be there to help you thrive, not to bully or mock you (only friendly ofcourse). I hope you found some work which will satisfy you and will treat you like...
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    Armin van Buuren - Shivers (feat. Susana) / Birth of An Angel [2005]

    I prefer the vocals because the fond memories I have when I was in high school. I was gaming with a friend of mine and he would always put on trance records and this one of the tracks that made me explore that scene.
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    Platipus Records

    Love this thread already, have a whole new playlist to listen to!
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    Leama - Requiem For A Dream (Leama's Dream Mix)

    Love this track, for the dreamy vibe of it, I can endlessly float away listening to it.
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    What type of speakers for listening to trance?

    Actually bought myself some speakers because a friend of mine got me into it and we went listening to some speakers. I bought these ones (second hand), they have a really nice bass and the sound is amazing for electronic music...
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    Halon's: 'What is the last thing you ate/drank?' 2.0

    I monitored the threads a lot but realized I never made a post yet. Glad to see the new forum still going strong!
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    Halon's: 'What is the last thing you ate/drank?' 2.0

    Cashew Nuts, btw first post the new forum!