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    Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound Of Goodbye (Inc. A&B & Armin van Buuren Remixes) [2001]

    I remember this tune, specifically the A&B remix, being the 'big tune of the moment' at the time of it's release. I was never a massive fan of the vocals, but the Rising Star mix is for me some of Armin's best work. Such a great acidic groove for the build up.
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    The idea behind your music project - present yourself!

    So I started messing around with music in the 90's. I took Music as one of my GSCE subjects in school and I hated it. We had this fossil of a music teacher who had no passion for the subject at all. Most of the lessons revolved around learning how to read and write music manuscript (I've...
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    Shocking stuff that destroys what was once our trance scene

    What in the Rocket League is this? :LOL:
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    Trancefix Radio - EP008: Trance Revival - By Redrot

    Had a brief flick through, sounds really promising. Will have a proper listen later. Any plans to put these up on Mixcloud or similar so we can listen to these on the go @Hensmon ?
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    Conservative or liberal (politics)

    Not saying I don't know the difference, just I've never been one to go 'all-in' on a particular political ideology. Like most other things in life, balance is the key. Which is why the current 'pick a side' political landscape pisses me off so much. I was being facetious ;) Mostly due to how...
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    Conservative or liberal (politics)

    I’m definitely more left wing myself, though I’m not sure I’d call myself a liberal. My home city is known as a socialist city, and while I wouldn’t call myself a socialist either, I do believe in essential services like healthcare, public transport, energy and the like being nationalised (or...
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    Public Intellectuals

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    Cheesy Trance Thread

    I do love a bit of cheese! 😁 Darren Tate + Charlotte Church here 🙌
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    Love Nation - Snowplow

    One thing I love about your tracks is that they always have tons of atmosphere and the sound design is on point. Like I genuinely love your sound choices. Everything sounds so unique. The mix is off for me though. The synths and pads seem to drown out the kick and bass too much. Some really...
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    Magdelayna - Lifecycles (LostLegend Breaks Remix)

    And now for something a little bit different. I decided to take this track into energetic breakbeat territory but keeping it's trance heritage intact. Starts off uplifting and then goes into some chaotic glitch synth territory for the drop. Enjoy 😁
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    What's on your mind today?

    You know when Guetta first started hitting the the charts on a regular basis in the late 2000's, collabing with rappers and the like, I gave him a bit of a pass for it. The guy had been around for years and was DJ'ing small underground house venues in France in the 80's, so I thought "he's paid...
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    LostLegend - The Worlds Beyond

    Thanks mate! The vocal sample is just a 'text to speech' sample processed through a vocoder ;)
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    DJ Darroo - Blitzkreig Trance [Infused Traxx]

    That stuttery synth fill sounds way out of time in parts. That's usually done with an arpeggiator with an automated rate. It's a cool effect, but it sounds way off here. Cool track though!