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    Football Thread

    @Hensmon Never in doubt... 👀 🙈
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    Football Thread

    I think it's definitely in our hands now. Big opportunity missed last night though to be fair.
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    Getting Started

    I've spent the afternoon searching out people who sell midi packs on Facebook to new, naive musicians and posting links to the many free ones around the web in the replies. DO NOT spend your money on this crap. Don't be pulled in by the '100% ROYALTY FREE' nonsense (You cannot copyright a chord...
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    Love the dark sounds in this, bass is h e a v y ! 😁 Also really liking the glitchy sounding synths, good work!
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    Hello :)

    Hello & welcome! :)👋
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    Pink Floyd - Samples and Vocals / 16-Bit WAV * DOWNLOAD NOW!

    Wait, is this official? Or are you just hoping they won’t notice you using their name and artwork to sell sample packs and sue you into oblivion?
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    Getting Started

    I used to try and recreate songs a lot when I was starting out. It's a great way to learn how to arrange tracks and how to get different sounds into your tracks.
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    Solarstone - Shards (LostLegend Bootleg)

    Sorry folks, had to remove the links to this for... reasons 👀 Nothing 100% certain yet, but maybe an announcement in the future ;)
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    Farius - Love Is Love (DJ Recharge Chill Intro Mix) (Bootleg)

    I like it. Has that old Deadmau5 feel to it! Like the piano and the vocals. Possibly a little too much reverb on the vocals at times as they sound a little bit washed out. Maybe try automating the dry/wet controls and bringing it down a bit for the verses so they sound clearer, then back up...
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    Really good interview. His thoughts about ignoring 'genre' and doing your own thing whilst keeping the trance vibe really resonated with me as I've been musing over something similar myself lately. Can't wait to hear the album!
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    Getting Started

    You should definitely take a look at Sadowicks Ableton tutorial series. I always say you should try to master as much of your DAW as possible before branching out to external plugins. It's based around Live 10 rather than the current Live 11, but there's not a huge amount of difference tbh (A...
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    Audio Equipment

    For headphones I have the Audio-Technica M50x's, which are something of a meme these days as everyone seems to have them! They work fine though, the quality is very good, though my only complaint is the bass response is a little lacking, I usually find when switching to my monitors that I have...
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    Trance Producers who made all their tracks on their own...

    I always thought PvD made his own stuff, especially since he was using the same kick/hat/clap combo for about 20 years 😄 In all seriousness, I suppose it depends on what you class as a ghost producer? Are we talking someone making the track from start to finish in it's entirety for another...
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    Post your OLD music!

    Well I did stop making music for nearly a decade, so maybe somewhere in the middle ;)
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    Post your OLD music!

    This tune is 20 years old now 🥵 You better believe I'm working on a 20th anniversary mix! 😄