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    OUT Bliss inc. - Mind 2 Mind [Magicwire]

    Brilliant EP. His sound has really grown on me.
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    Soundcheck - Mindrive [1999]

    Excellent from Ferry
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    Sunday Club - Etana's Flight [1997]

    Always enjoyed this
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    TranceFix Radio #12 - TF Best of 2022 Mix III Ambient | Downtempo - mixed by Narel

    I finally complete this today, thanks for putting this together Narel. Really surprised that these are all from 2022, considering some of the sounds used and general feel. Of course there were some that had a clearer modern experimental and technical touch, like that Spiritual Delusion track...
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    PQM feat. Cica - The Flying Song [2000]

    Excellent set of tracks. I miss this type of diversity found in releases, where a few different style interpretations existed for the same track
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    OUT Mikkel Rev - The Art of Levitation (Album) [A Strangely Isolated Place]

    Will have to listen to this fully. Sub sea and Regrets are very good deep tracks.
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    Rio Addicts - Crossroads [2004]

    Two wonderful trance tracks
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    Airwave - Presents - Lolo - 1+1 = 3 (Album) (2007)

    Also one of my favorite Trance albums made. So many good tracks, and Extended Horizon is an all time great for me. Time to play it again.
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    TF Interview - Enigma State! [Debut album news]

    Great read. Nice to know more Enigma State is around the corner.
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    TranceFix Radio #11 - Still Breathing II - Mixed by Enlusion

    Great episode. This is by far the type of Trance that works the most for me at the moment.
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    Blacklight - Daydream / Nooks & Crammies [1999]

    New for me, both fantastic. Relaxing types of prog, especially N&C.