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    Moby - Go [1991]

    Special one. Its amazing how just two or three notes on the synth can give off such emotion, and become so iconic.
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    Interview: UTE Recordings (With Teo Bachs)

    Agree very much with this statement "A big chunk of modern techno and trance sounds just overproduced, dead and soulless because it's just too perfect. Recording a long take to audio from an external synth will include natural flaws and "mistakes" that you could easily fix in a VST, not having...
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    OUT Definitions & Andre Maier - The Gate [Borderline]

    Based on the bandcamp sample I heard this one could be good. I call it a sample but it is actually stated as the original mix, at 3m 30s.
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    Your most loved and meaningful rock music tracks?

    I was not that taken with it. Not bad but nothing special, which I think is OK for at this stage of their careers. This track below is my pick so far, it sounds like something that could be found on By The Way album.
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    (Why) are there no new ideas in trance?

    I also dont think it's critical we have new ideas. My old Trance playlists have so many styles that people made that we just have to look back for inspiration. There really is an abundance of directions Trance has gone and they would still be favoured today. We don't have to create something...
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    Technology - Electronicly Entertained [1996]

    Nice find! Both are really good.
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    Starecase - Hopeless [2001]

    I prefer the Ariane remix. Thanks for the heads up.
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    OUT Simon O'Shine & Fe Malefiz - Can't See Clearly [Audioresearch]

    I admit I also found myself tapping along, despite this substyle being something I never usually touch.
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    Trance compilations 2000 - 2006

    Armin had a 4 mixes in 01-03 which are enjoyable, his first step into compilations I believe before starting ASOT. The first in the series actually shares the same name. 002 and 003 are the ones I listened to the most. 001 A State Of Trance [2000] 002 Basic Instinct [2001] 003 In Motion...
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    C.M - Dream Universe [1996]

    So many vinyl re-releases at the moment. Vinyl has truly made a comeback.
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    20 Years In The Life Of A Bedroom Producer.

    That's some achievement. A nice track, although somewhat simple for my taste, I prefer older ambient. I can see why it is popular. Was there a moment where the algorithm favoured you, leading to a sudden rapid spike in views, or has this been a gradual accumulation?
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    Paul van Dyk - Out There And Back (2000) [Artist Album]

    I saw PVD a few times around this era and it was a real treat. The tracks from this album would feature heavily and always went down well. I agree the album is a little samey, but what pure Trance album isnt? I struggle to think of one anyway that offers much variation. The baselines are so...