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    Are Above & Beyond destroying their reputation?

    A&B stuff has been very flat and soulless for a while and even most dance music productions the groove has been gone. I only feel like jumping out of my chairs in their old tracks and this when it comes to new productions whether it be house or trance it just doesn't feel the same it sounds...
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    Inflexion ‎– Oddyssey [1998]

    Really nice track Here are the other tracks from the EP Inflexion - Oddyssey (After Monday Mix) Inflexion - Queen of Venus Inflexion - Elios (The Original Extended)
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    Inflexion ‎– Pure [1999]

    Airwave told me he wrote this track but gave it to George who worked with him under Planisphere.
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    Capetown - Pitstop/Touch The Sky, Talk To The Stars (2002)

    Touch the Sky, Talk to the Stars Pitstop
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    Trance to chill out to

    It was for 2nd hour for Episode ASOT 136 - Check out this track I think this is the original mix because the Octagen remix sounds different. Whirlpool vs Octagen – Alaska Looks like it's Filo & Peri remix
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    R&B/Rap/Trip-Hop/Rap/Hip Hop Thread

    Post away the best R&B and Hip Hop Thread. I don't know a whole lot about the genres this is the type of the stuff I listened when I listened DJ Odilon. Ugly Duckling - Einsteins Takin Off Linkin Park - Cure for the Itch (RIP Chester)
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    Riva - Who Do you Love Now? Feat Danni Monogue/Stringer/ Mistral (2001)

    Discovered this awesome dark progressive remix played by Armin back in 2001. The Pablo Gargano remix
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    Roger Shah - Interview with Muzikxpress

    I love Another day on a terrace and his collaboration with Seis Cuerdas
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    Roger Shah - Interview with Muzikxpress

    BTW, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you won't miss out on my second interview with Roger about the beautiful "Lost", which he did with Zara! Plus many more interviews will be posted in the next weeks with people such as Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon), Sian Evans (Kosheen), Jon The Dentist...
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    Sasha - Bloodlock [2002]

    I always thought sasha is over-rated the only the reason why this track sounds good it's because James Holden co-produced. Overrated dj and producer John Digweed was much better. The only part that annoys me is the gated synth and you failed to credit James Holden for this track...
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    Randy Katana - Tribal Shock (Includ. Perry O’Neil Remix) (2004)

    Perry O'neil remix Original Mix which I don't particularly like.
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    Live Acoustic performances

    Post some of your favourite acoustic vocal tracks Scott Grimes Scott Grimes Ray Wilson live yet another day
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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    Loved this part in the Orville
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    Endre - Kallocain (Inc. Remixes) [2004]

    mind sending me the link via pm
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    Corderoy - Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2002/4)

    Maybe @Muzikxpress can share some light since he used to work for Ferry or still does. I don't know how the uploader must have done it.