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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    The manga is like that. It jumps back and forth in time with reckless abandon, jumping from character position to character position and either squashing away the interesting bits or forcing the reader to wait several volumes to get to the thing they're actually interested in.
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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    Glad you liked it, but I honestly can't stand it. The secondary female just had so much unhappiness. It felt like only her her switched mom and birth dad loved her, and she spent her whole life living in a state of tension.
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    Top 10 Best Albums of All Time

    Well, I haven't listened to much of their later stuff. I'll have to give that a try.
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    Ashley Carr's Trance

    I've been wanting to post this for a while, so I guess I'll just go ahead and do it. Ashley Carr (known as DJ Redlight) was my favorite electronic musician. He created mostly trance and trance-like work on his website,, which was, and still is, free to download. I assume he...
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    Halon's: 'What is the last thing you ate/drank?' 2.0

    Chicken breast and Korean instant coffee.
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    Thoughts on USA this year?

    I've seen it before. It's how the media is -- if anyone is a Republican, they're evil and must be stopped. I remember how it was when W. Bush got elected -- the media was after him from day one, and frankly he wasn't even that conservative. As far as the country goes, there seems to be a...
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    How we used to live (serious topic)

    I don't know if it's really someone telling us to be technologically minded that's the problem. It's just that it's a drug. There's just so much out there to consume that we forget that we have lives. I'm old enough to remember the transition, and honestly, I feel bad for today's kids who...
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Christian, huh? I see your rock and raise you rap.
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    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    Hahaha! The ultimate guilty pleasure. I won't lie, I like some of his stuff. Dancing in the Moonlight and She's the Sun are particularly good.
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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    I've watched some Kdrama before, and I was kinda turned off because it all seems to be romance dramas. One was an especially demented, being about a couple of girls who were switched at birth, and one of the girls was in love with her "brother", while the other was constantly treated poorly by...
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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    Aaaaand I know what I'm watching next. What I watched last was Steins;Gate.
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    Bzzz Bzzz

    Hello. I have been a solitary enjoyer of electronic music for years, but it's not terribly popular where I live, so I'm here to find more music. Mostly a psytrance/IDM/worldbeat fan, but hey, I'm open to anything good. Plaid, Plone, Infected Mushroom, Blue Stone, and Delerium are some of my...
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    I really want to attach Relatively Joy from this album, but unfortunately, this seems to be the only song from this album on youtube. I did buy the album on psyshop, but currently the cd is sitting in a warehouse in Germany because of COVID. Fun times.
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    Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music (old)

    Is there an archive of his old website somewhere? I remember he used to have these hilarious rants about Paul Oakenfold, and I would love to read them again.
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    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    Lol, Scatman isn't a guilty pleasure. At least, you shouldn't feel guilty. I'm not usually into cheesy vaporwave, especially with actual lyrics, but my inner emo teen has been digging this song lately.