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    OUT Solarstone - Seven Cities (Remixes, Pt. 1) [Armada Captivating]

    Chris Schweizer remix is amazing. :love: Different from the usual uplifting remix.
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    Similar trance tracks & rip-offs

    This is the worst version of it yet. 🤣
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    OUT Markus Schulz & HALIENE - Tidal Wave (Will Atkinson Remix) [Black Hole]

    I rather Edge Of Forever and Sunrise over this. 🙄
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    Stoneface & Terminal - Hebra [FSOE]

    Sounds like rip off of a classic Giuseppe Ottaviani melody.
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    OUT Tonks - Out Of My Mind (Pure Trance)

    Needs a Ferry Tayle remix :D
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    EverLight - Light Speed (Album) [TBC]

    Lots of nice tunes! I love EverLight sound.
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    Similar trance tracks & rip-offs

    Ok this is getting ridiculous. Now DJ Sakin is using the same track. :LOL:
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    OUT ilan Bluestone - Impulse (Artist Album) [Anjunabeats]

    So far all the tracks are awful. Terrible vocals on every track.
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    OUT Midway - Amazon (Allen Watts Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Reworked]

    Adds nothing new. I rather listen to the original with the unique sound design.
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    Aly & Fila with Deirdre McLaughlin - Gravity (ID Remix) [FSOE]

    Boring remix. Took all the feeling away. Original is million times better.
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    OUT Steve Dekay & Mhammed El Alami - Shadows

    Sounds more like a Steve Dekay track than collab with Mhammed El Alami.